Every child shot had a heartbeat Updated

I added more to it after I hit publish.

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2 thoughts on “Every child shot had a heartbeat Updated

    1. Hello Randy. I have been that way for a while now. The more ground the Christian Nationalists gain the more backward the country will become.

      As for Roe, the right is the dog that caught the car. What do they do now? They are terrified to talk about the subject of the leaked memo wanting only to talk about the leaker. Shifting and dodging the congressional way is the dance of the ages. But the Democrats are not running hard to make it fully legal by law, which this SCOTUS might not allow anyway, because both parties fund raise off the issue. Help us save and help us remove abortion raises a lot of cash. Now it is time to act and the cash dries up, or people stop supporting Democrats. The Democratic leadership is supporting an incumbent charged with corruption and campaign finance crimes by the FBI who is anti-abortion over a progressive candidate that is pro-choice. Keep the job and raising money has become the real job of the political parties.


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