Colorado voting officials adopt safety measures as state becomes target for election conspiracists

Rather long read but it is important to understand this is what the right wing Republican party has become, this is their version of democracy.   Threaten, do violence, stop voting of those you don’t like or who will not vote as you demand, only the right wing’s ideas count, these are the things they do and feel is OK because they have become a gang of thugs.   They have fancy names for themselves, militia this and proud boys that but it is the same thing, gang thugs getting their way by threating to harm others regardless of the laws of civil society. 

Those involved in election fraud “deserve to hang,” one accuser said.

2 thoughts on “Colorado voting officials adopt safety measures as state becomes target for election conspiracists

    1. Hello Nan. I am sure she is safe unless she is running for office. But it is not just Colorado. The right wing republicans are spending huge money to get the Secretary of State and other election official position. More money than ever heard of for these positions, and the people the right want to get into them is the very cult member maga that believe in the stolen the 2020 election. These people are not in these positions to ensure valid elections, they want them to insure a republican win. It is election rigging at the point where the votes are counted. It is like the courts, rigged to create an outcome regardless of the laws, or in this case the votes. It is scary these are ideologies driven to remove democracy and to regress the country to a point where only white Christian males have rights is so close to happening. And it is driven by a gang of thugs who think threats and violence to get their own way is totally acceptable.

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