Cousin Of Sanctioned Oligarch Donates To Cawthorn

This guy seems to be owned by Russia or on their payroll.    Think how many US politicians get money from Russia, who do they owe their loyalties to? 

Forbes reports:

Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s cash-strapped campaign for re-election received a donation Friday from the cousin and business associate of a sanctioned Russian oligarch, according to a report filed Sunday night with the FEC.

Andrew Intrater, a U.S. citizen who’s an asset manager for New York-based Sparrow Capital Holdings, contributed $1,000 to Cawthorn’s campaign.

Intrater’s cousin and, at least at one time, biggest investor is billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, who has been under U.S. sanctions since April 2018. Last month, Spanish police, with assistance from U.S. law enforcement, seized Vekselberg’s superyacht on the resort island of Mallorca.

Read the full article.


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