Man Tells Abortion Rights Activists ‘Your Body Is Mine’ in Viral Video

A viral video showing a man telling abortion rights protesters that “your body is mine” and “you’re having my baby” has sparked outrage on social media.

Protesters rallied in cities across the country at the weekend, days after a leaked draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court suggested it was poised to overturn the landmark 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion nationwide.

The leak prompted many more protesters than usual to gather outside the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on Saturday, calling for abortion to remain a legal option nationwide.

“Not the church, not the state, the people must decide their fate,” they chanted, according to the video.

Their chants drew a response from a man among a group of anti-abortion protesters on the steps of the church, who regularly go from the church to protest at a nearby Planned Parenthood.

“I am the people, I am the people, I am the people, the people have decided, the court has decided, you lose,” he responded to the crowd.

In response to another chant, the man—who was wearing an “America First” hat—said: “You have no choice. Not your body, not your choice, your body is mine and you’re having my baby.”

Anti-abortion activists and church members gather outside

Anti-abortion activists and church members gather outside of the Basilica of St. Patricks Old Cathedral in downtown Manhattan on May 07, 2022 in New York City.STEPHANIE KEITH/GETTY IMAGES

Closed captions on the clip described the man as “FDNY” (New York Fire Department), but it is not clear if the man is actually affiliated with the city’s fire department.

He appeared to be wearing a fleece bearing FDNY insignia in the clip. The FDNY has been contacted for comment.

“Important: despite the CC, we still don’t know if this fascist is actually from FDNY. What we do know is that the Archdiocese of NY @NY_Arch are hosting fascists + giving them a platform,” NYC for Abortion Rights wrote on Twitter. The group and the Archdiocese of New York have also been contacted for comment.

The clip, which was initially posted on Instagram by an organizer, amassed more than a million views after it was shared widely on Twitter and prompted “FDNY” to trend on the platform.

“Today in NYC hundreds of pro-abortion folks showed up to counter clinic harassers,” Joshua Potash wrote in a tweet. “You can see the horrifying truth of what anti-abortion extremists really think when one says ‘your body is mine.'”

“If this guy really is @FDNY, he’s gotta go,” Jeff Sharlet tweeted. “Imagine the terror a rape survivor might feel if this guy, who says he owns women’s bodies and forces them bear his children, comes into her home. He made his choice. He chose threats over his job. He’s literally unsafe.”

Alyssa Miller wrote: “If there was any doubt about the ideology driving anti-abortion perspectives, this @FDNY firefighter just put it right out there. ‘Not your choice, not your body, your body is mine.’ The absolute glee he takes in saying it should disturb literally every woman everywhere.”

Amy Siskind wrote: “As horrible as his public statements are, as is @FDNY silence, let’s acknowledge that this scumbag is saying out loud what so many Republicans white men are already thinking and saying in private. This is their plan.”

Todd20036 • 30 minutes ago

Psst: people frown when you say the quiet parts out loud

ErnestMc • 17 minutes ago

He has the right to shout rape-y stuff in the public square, but FDNY having rape enthusiasts on their team (assuming he’s actually a fireman) may not be great PR for them.

And, since he thinks he can do whatever he wants to a woman’s body, the reverse should be true. How about forced castration?

The_Wretched • 18 minutes ago

“Silly “Allison” trying to get an off-duty FIREFIGHTER in trouble for exercising his Right of Free Speech. THIS IS STILL AMERICA. The dude can say whatever he wants.”

More willful misuse of 1A. If the firefighter gets to say the quiet part out loud (and what a plain indictment of Alito’s stupid idea about law), so does everyone else get to tell the firefighter how off putting he is.

Misutaa Roboto The_Wretched • 16 minutes ago

Yeah, threats have never been covered by the First Amendment. But this threat is slightly veiled, so I guess it must be okay after all. I’m sure he’s confident this SCOTUS has his back on that.

Misutaa Roboto • 26 minutes ago • edited

IOW: Douchebag shouts a little too overtly about raping women while still delirious with glee from the prospect of forcing victims to give birth to his offspring.

Rex • 22 minutes ago

I will then assume they will be paying child support from the moment of conception.

Ann Kah • 22 minutes ago

He’s young. He is visibly immature in his leering behavior. He is declaring that he has no intention of growing out of his testosterone-fueled high school years. I fully expect his mind to stay in that stunted state while the rest of him sags and wrinkles. These perennial man-children are the real threat to American society.

The_Wretched Mark • 14 minutes ago

The righties, Alito included, are afraid that black and brown people will “out breed the whites” and “replace us”. It’s called ‘replacement theory.’ It’s about as racist an idea as there can be.

Replacement theory then wraps back into their anti-abortion agenda. They seem to think that they can increase the total amount of “white” by forcing more births. Even worse, of of the right wing briefs suggested there is a shortage of white babies for adoption (xtian indoctrination) and they want to make more available.

This firefighter is hitting all the points they want.

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