Republican governor accidentally SLIPS UP when asked if he’d ban all birth control

BREAKING: A Republican governor just accidentally slipped up when asked if he’d ban ALL contraception.

6 thoughts on “Republican governor accidentally SLIPS UP when asked if he’d ban all birth control

    1. Hello Keith. Too many people think that story was an instruction manual. I wonder if most people understand that if they really consider the human life starts at fertilization, which is before implantation, and abortion is murder then there can be no exceptions that are not murder also. Plus miscarriages are suspect as did the woman cause it? So that means little girls who are pregnant because they were raped are forced to have the birth as incest / rape exceptions are still murder. A woman who is going to die because of a problem with the pregnancy will either commit murder to save her life or be murdered by the pregnancy, can she claim she was standing her ground in self defense? The law in a lot of southern states that lets a person murder someone else if they feel threatened. I guess not because you have to be white and male to use it as black people and women who have used it have been found guilty.

      Keith the entire thing is about control of females and their body’s. It is something the religious right has never given up on. Women must be controlled, and they are really property of the man that owns them. I have just got done watching The Majority Report by Sam Seeder and Emma Vigeland. One of the things she said is that the first birth control methods that will be attacked will be the ones the female’s alone control such as the IUD and plan B pills. Then the next attack will be that if a woman wants birth control her husband will have to approve it. No single women will be allowed to have it. Of course, condoms for men will still be available but in some places may be moved to where teens will feel to embarrassed to buy them, like behind the pharmacy counter. That is if they have enough sexual education to know to use them. After that rules restricting other activities by women such as serving in the military will be enacted. It is all about driving the country back to 1950s.

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  1. I’ve said it before … and I’ll say it AGAIN … I LOVE this guy! He pinpoints the fallacies, explains WHY they are fallacies, and then puts out challenges to viewers as to which side they’re really on. The only problem? I doubt the “other side” ever watches his videos, which means they’ll never be made aware of all the fallacies that are SO common among the Repukes.

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    1. Hello Nan. It is great you enjoy the posts. I do not post all his videos, he has interview ones I don’t post. If you want to see them, you should check out his channel on YouTube. I like his knowledge, the way he dives into the facts. I just wish he talked slower. I sometimes have to repeat some sections to get everything he says.


      1. Scottie, I think I’ve said it before … I’m really not “into” videos. I do enjoy watching some of Brian’s or occasionally ones that are on controversial topics … but to “subscribe” to any particular YouTube channel? Not gonna’ happen.

        Funny that you think he talks fast … I never noticed. 😲

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