Ron and I have colds.

I can’t win for losing these days.    I was not feeling right the last couple days.   But did not feel bad.  Ron felt bad two days ago and yesterday realized he had a cold.   Too late, we tend to share everything thing.   He has been out to the stores every day for a week or more.  Four days ago he turned down an isle of the grocery store and there was an older couple with a young grandchild right in front of him.   The boy was sneezing, coughing, and wiping his nose on his shirt.  Ron got out of there quick, but we think the germs were quicker.    So he was out of action yesterday.   But other than feeling not quite right I was doing OK.   Not so this morning.   I woke to the grand feeling of a head cold.  I am lucky I have an inhaler designed to dry up my sinuses if I have a bad allergy attack.   I took it this morning and it is working so I can breathe.   But the snot and phlegm that I had to deal with.  Yuck.  Ron stayed in bed until late.   He got up and is not any better but says he doesn’t feel well enough to even sit down so he is doing odds and ends in the kitchen.  Both of us are sucking coffee for the sore throat.   Posting may be normal or less depending on how I feel.   I may sit here and just post, I may just watch videos, or I may go to bed.    The world will have to run a few days without my supervision.   

9 thoughts on “Ron and I have colds.

    1. Hello Michael. Thank you. What humans don’t understand is we are in an arms race with the very things that want to use us for their own needs or kill us. We forget that we may have big brains, but we are animals in nature and nature doesn’t excuse us from the chain of life. I am feeling better as the cold meds take effect. This morning I was not worth much and thinking was a task I was not up to. I imagine tomorrow morning I will be miserable again. Then the next day hopefully I will start to get over it. Have a great week friend. Stay healthy and safe.

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  1. EXCUSE ME!!
    Haven’t you learned by now?!
    The world DOESN’T run without you supervising!

    (take as long as you need)

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    1. Hello RandomTroll. 😀😁🤣🤩🥰

      Thank you. I am trying to not spread my germs around as that would make me a Republican. But it sucks to have a cold and need to control the world or really regulate the rabid right wing side of it, because the evil people don’t take a pause in their evil, but instead they take advantage of my not feeling well. Can you imagine? They do more nefarious stuff knowing I am under the weather and am less likely to catch them. How underhanded of them. It just goes to show how uncivil these almost human people are.

      But have no fear, with the super stamina of the always correct, I am struggling to contain their most egregious attempts to cause great harm and destruction of the progressive world order. I will struggle through to keep showing them to be the Tasmanian Devils they are with all the slime oozing snail snot encasing them that they hate to be shown in the light of decent society.

      Sadly I have to take a break to blow my nose and wipe the right wing slime off my eyes and my neither regions that the right seems to want to them watch all the time. What perverts, they spend more time thinking of my privates than I do. Yuck. Most of them couldn’t get a date by offering a couple hundred dollar bills as a reward.

      Thanks Random Troll, you gave me a much need laugh. 😀😂😃😜😲😛

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