See Fareed Zakaria’s warning for the US as abortion fight rages

The CC on this is so shitty it was just a long string of random letters when I tried.   I tried to adjust it in the settings and lost it entirely and couldn’t get the CC back even when I returned to the original settings.   I have no clue as to CNN CC is such a disaster.    However Fareed has such an informative take on the polarization of the US, how religion is declining and the religious are fight back tooth and nail to keep the US a highly religious country.   He breaks the country in two halves and shows how those halves fit in with the rest of the world.  The blue areas to the country fit with the European non-religious countries, the read areas fit with the African / Arab highly religious dominated countries.  

6 thoughts on “See Fareed Zakaria’s warning for the US as abortion fight rages

  1. One can’t help but wonder if the powers-that-be at CNN are aware of the CC problems. Or maybe they are and just don’t care. CC is important to me for two reasons: (1) Obviously my hearing problems, but (2) since my other-half leans Republican 😣 , it’s better if I can keep the sound muted on some videos (!).

    In any event, I will try to “listen” at an opportune time.

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    1. Hello Nan. It is not just the two things you mentioned that CC is important for. Last summer when Ron was building the new addition, we priced exterior double doors like the ones going into my office. They were nearly 3 grand. I did not need such fancy heavy doors for my office, they were bought before Ron closed that end of the house in. I only opened one side anyway. So Ron took them out and used them. But that left a big chunk of open wall between my office and his living room with his TV. His TV is right near the opening.

      Until then I never used headphones in my office and as you might know I keep a video or podcast going all the time I am in here. Now when Ron was using his TV or in the kitchen which is an open concept next to the living room, I had to wear headphones. Ron says I don’t have to, but my news stuff bothers him I know and he is not interested in it. He always wears his headphones because he knows I don’t care for his stuff either plus he says it is easier to understand with headphones. It is a way to show respect. So he always has CC on.

      In the hell I grew up in the kitchen where the woman stayed had a TV, the living room next to it where the man stayed had a TV. There was an always escalating battle of sound as the two TV’s on different channels fought with each other. I hated it.

      So good CC is an important thing. But again I don’t understand why CNN’s is so bad. The normal automated YouTube CC is not the best but it is OK, it follows the spoken words well enough. But CNN CC is not even that good and they are on YouTube. Even if they used the YouTube auto CC it would be better. Really Nan no joke when the video started it was one long continuous string of random letters that went across the screen and then kept going. It was like when my cat sprawls across the keyboard when I am writing.

      One thing I will say is I hate the way CC covers the video itself. I wish they could find a different way to do it.

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