I am the youngest public plaintiff in the “Don’t Say Gay” lawsuit.

I am the youngest public plaintiff in the “Don’t Say Gay” lawsuit. I am my Florida high school’s first openly-gay Class President. I am being silenced, and I need your help. 🧵

A few days ago, my principal called me into his office and informed me that if my graduation speech referenced my activism or role as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, school administration had a signal to cut off my microphone, end my speech, and halt the ceremony. (2/8)

I am the first openly-gay Class President in my school’s history–this censorship seems to show that they want me to be the last. This threat is not the first that I have received from administration about my queer rights. (3/8)

When administration discovered that I was organizing a Say Gay walkout, they had all our posters ripped from the walls and told me to shut down the protest. They said they would send school security if I did not listen. (4/8)

I held the walkout anyways, and it became our county’s largest protest. I won’t give into threats and I won’t be silenced. I have a plan to fight back again, and this time, I need your help. (5/8)

The SEE Initiative has secured 10,000 Say Gay stickers that we’re prepared to ship to high school seniors across Florida. We want you to wear them on your gowns as you cross the graduation stage, reminding underclassmen that we’re done with highschool, not the fight. (6/8)

Fill out the form to get your stickers now. https://forms.gle/opz1Hdq5owT7Cv4R8 For all the kids who are not graduating and not escaping, we must say gay. #advocategraduate #saygay (7/8)

Read my statement for the full story. (8/8) @SocialEqAndEd

If you want to support our fight and show DeSantis that we will not give up our state to hate, donate here:


Originally tweeted by zander moricz (@zandermoricz) on May 9, 2022.

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