Violence erupts as mourners carry coffin of journalist killed in West Bank

Can someone tell me why this action by the Israeli military is supported by the civilized world? Why does the US give billions of dollars a year to a country that has a population of people they attack even as those people try to have a funeral for their members killed by that very military?  She was a clearly marked member of the press that the Israeli military did not want to report their abuses of the Palestinian people.   So they killed her.   Then they attacked her funeral and harassed her parents at their home that day claiming the occupied people who have no rights to fly or hold up their own flags.  It might upset the good real people of the nation, the Jewish people.   I am not an antisemite and shouldn’t have to say that.  Criticizing the actions of a belligerent government against people unable to defend themselves is not bigotry against the Jewish people.  The people of Palestine have no rights.  They live under military rule.  Their children can and often are rounded up and detained for no reason and the government doesn’t need a reason according to the Israeli government.  The Palestinians live in an open air prison under military rule of an occupying army and they have no rights.  The Israeli position is that they want to make it so horrible that all these people either die or leave, giving all of the land to the occupiers, who claim it’s all theirs given to them by their god.  And the US government supports this.   Your tax dollars support this.   Hugs 

Disturbing video shows Israeli riot police clashing with mourners at the funeral for Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed two days earlier as she covered an army raid in the Israeli occupied West Bank. At one point, the tussling becomes so intense that her coffin almost topples to the ground.

3 thoughts on “Violence erupts as mourners carry coffin of journalist killed in West Bank

  1. Can someone tell me why this action by the Israeli military is supported by the civilized world?

    Because there is religious history between the two segments –with the Palestinians coming out on the short end. And since, at its core, the U.S. is religious and has been convinced by religious leaders that the Israelites are the TRUE people of God, screw the Palestinians.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes sadly you are correct. I hate it more than I can express. I hate discrimination. I have hated it when it has happened to me, which makes me more sympathetic when I see it happening to others. Plus also I am not very supportive or happy with religion. But it upsets me what happens in that area to the Palestinians, and it seriously burns me that US tax dollars supports to subjugation of the Political people. The Israeli lobby and the evangelicals that think Israel is the key to getting their Jesus to return have together made US a partner in crime. I am not as uninformed or indoctrinated to be unaware how our country has aided and promoted discrimination against different ethnic groups. I just wish I knew how to change it because it is driven by big money and that is something I don’t have. Hugs

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