Florida Elections Now In The Hands Of QAnon Nutbag

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Gov. Ron DeSantis replaced outgoing Secretary of State Laurel Lee on Friday with state Rep. Cord Byrd, who cursed at Black Democratic lawmakers during the session and whose wife has made comments supporting QAnon and the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots.

DeSantis recently appointed Byrd’s wife, Esther Byrd, a former Marine who works in her husband’s law office, to the state Board of Education. She defended theories of QAnon, a far-right conspiracy cult that says the world is ruled by Satan-worshipping child molesters, after the couple was seen flying a QAnon flag on their boat.

They both quit Twitter for more than a year after she posted comments supporting the Capitol insurrection. “ANTIFA and BLM can burn and loot buildings and violently attack police and citizens. But when Trump supporters peacefully protest, suddenly ‘Law and Order’ is all they can talk about!” she tweeted.

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Ragnar_Lothbrok • 6 hours ago

Voting rights act needed asap

Gregory In Seattle Ragnar_Lothbrok • 6 hours ago

Manchin would never, ever allow that.

Serene Pumpkin Dwight Williamson • 6 hours ago

I hope you are able to vote in November, and that your vote gets counted, and that the result (if the Democrat wins) is allowed to stand.

Darreth • 6 hours ago

Since this is perfectly legal and there’s no recourse we are watching the real time dissolution of the republic.

A QAnon based nation with nukes will not allow the rest of the world to survive.

The Sentinel • 6 hours ago

Oh brother….

Esther’s FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/EB…

Unapologetically American. Unapologetically Christian.
I’m a strong, conservative woman with a strong, conservative husband and strong, conservative kids – just trying to do our part to save America from rabid, radical leftists! God Bless America!


crewman The Sentinel • 6 hours ago

No one is asking her to apologize for being conservative.
No one is asking her to apologize for being Christian.
But we are asking her to quit calling us “rabid” and “radical” just because we aren’t conservative or Christian.

Ann Kah RIck Notch • 6 hours ago

When truth died, so did democracy. Trump followed Hitler’s playbook regarding the media.

William • 6 hours ago

Think of the time and money saved by immediately declaring Trump the winner of the 2024 election in Florida!

boobert • 6 hours ago • edited

That’s how you win elections.

Serene Pumpkin boobert • 6 hours ago

No, that’s how you steal elections.

Adam Schmidt boobert • 5 hours ago

More like that’s how you end democracy by having sham elections.

7 thoughts on “Florida Elections Now In The Hands Of QAnon Nutbag

  1. I am going to keep on saying this even if someone tells me to shut the (bad word) up and stopping repeating myself.
    Communal Violence – Ulster 1967-1996 that’s the scenarios these right-wing fools are building up to, they have not a clue what they are playing with.

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  2. Scottie, Florida is a precursor to what a nation under a Trump disciple will look like. I fear a more competent Trump-like person than the former president. Trump gets in his own way because of his large ego, vast untruthfulness, chaotic style and poor managerial skills. De Santis is more scary to me. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I use to think that DeathSantis is smarter than tRump. Now I think not so much. He is making a lot of mistakes and he is needlessly tacking very hard right pissing off all but the cult base. Right now he has made himself unelectable by the swing voters. Even though the red state Republicans are all doing the same things to appeal to the loud thug base, I think they are hoping to drive more acceptance in the general public for their view, but I think it is having a backlash. Time will tell if they have a winning message saying take the country back to 1950 or if that turns off the majority of voters. Hugs

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      1. Scottie, one thing is for certain, the former president is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is. He self declares he does not like to read and that his gut instinct is smarter than scientists’ brains. Really? He was supposed to know finance, but either he does not know how tariffs work or he is purposefully lying to people about how they do. China does not pay our tariffs, the importers do and then pass the cost along to US consumers. He has gotten this wrong over a dozen times and has been corrected each time by economists. Keith

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