GOP Senator Proves Republicans Have Lost Their Damn Minds!

In his speech against abortion, Montana Senator Steve Daines compares human fetuses to the eggs of sea turtles and eagles. Sandee Lovas breaks it down.

8 thoughts on “GOP Senator Proves Republicans Have Lost Their Damn Minds!

  1. Isn’t it amazing what idiots we have elected to Congress? 🙄 Unfortunately, Daines doesn’t run for re-election until 2026, but even if it were this year, the fools in Montana would probably re-elect him anyway. And sadly, he isn’t even the worst of the lot … just another ignorant, arrogant bigot. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Imagine that this is an adult man who cannot tell the difference between a woman’s body carrying a child and a turtle dropping it’s eggs in a hole. Really. Yet I just posted a video this morning on abortion that was just as bad. I think it is getting really important to bring back sex education in school as these people don’t seem to understand anything about the female body. They are like teenage boys, clueless over the female anatomy. Hugs

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      1. I read something yesterday that raised my hackles … somebody claimed that women should have to “pay for their poor sexual choices”. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You’re right … we need to bring back sex education in the schools, because parents damn sure aren’t doing the job! Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. So damn true. They love their myths as long as their myths back up their positions, and if not, they will change them to make sure they do. They do not care about truth, reality, or anything that means anything, all they care about is their quest for power. It is destroying the US and if the truth be told the world. It is a money driven effort to change the world to a minority controlled small number of people ruling over the world like a kid who has all the candy demanding the other kids praise them for the occasional treat he throws out to them. Hugs

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      1. That they do Scottie. That they do.
        From a slightly different perspective, bearing in mind the rise of the Nazis in Germany as one example.
        It can be argued these folk who think they are in charge, such as the previous occupant of The Whitehouse, are merely repeating what is coming up from their fundamentalist following, so they are dancing to that tune.
        It can be argued that it is a mob mentality which is in control, those who think they are playing leaders are riding a tiger which will consume them in time.

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        1. Hello Roger. That is possible as tRump was known to switch his position based on what he thought his base wanted. But as far as racism goes, he was taught that as a kid from his father who was a diehard racist who was fined by the government for refusing to rent or sell to black people. As in many cases racism and bigotry is taught to kids from the adults they are around and trust. Hugs

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          1. Indeed Scottie, he would have to have an empathy with them.
            But as one fellow I knew used to say ‘They have a choice’. So he could have turned his back on his father’s views…after all isn’t that what many children do?
            He carries the blame for failing to ditch those views.

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