Child Whips Front Door Of Black Family

I watch a lot of videos.  But this is one of the most important ones on racism and bigotry I want people to watch.   It is short, but powerful.   This is what really is being taught to young white kids by maga / racist parents.  Notice that when the black guy with damage to his door and car tries to talk to the racist white farther of the child, the white man discharges a gun.  Can you imagine living next door to them?  Notice the open threatening hostility of a child’s birthday cake with a political message that drums into them violence if they don’t get their way even while they are too young to understand it.  The cake was for a ten year old.   This is happening in the US.  This is happening as the Republicans champion racism while decrying that democrats and teacher are grooming / indoctrinating kids because they teach the real racist history of the US and are tolerant of the LGBTQ+ kids who are different from the mainstream.  This the part of the US we need to understand has had a real resurgence since tRump an dnow supported activly by the Republican party.   Hugs

3 thoughts on “Child Whips Front Door Of Black Family

  1. With people like this in the world, what hope do we ever have for world peace … heck, we cannot even have neighborhood peace, or national peace. What terrible people those parents are … the Black family was far more patient than I would have been, I think. You have just seen the future … or as Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. You are correct this is the newest generation indoctrinated with hate by their parents. The red states are making laws to investigate families with trans kids whose parents are allowing them to socially transition and getting them competent medical care, and to forcibly removing children from those parents / homes for child abuse. However it is OK and acceptable in these red states to indoctrinate young kids in die hard racism and bigotry to the point where a small kid takes a whip and beats on the door of the next door black family. Where does a kid get a whip anyway? Sounds to me like dad got it for him and sent him over to do what he did. I think hoping maybe the black family might do something the white father could use as an excuse to be violent to the back family. Do you think that is possible? Hugs

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  2. There is a nationwide loss of values, it seems to me. I look around at situations such as these and others you’ve posted, and I wonder when I fell asleep and awakened in this dystopian world. I don’t see how this can continue before we start seeing bloodshed in the streeets … OH WAIT … we already have. 😔 As to your scenario … yes, I think it’s not only quite possible, but quite likely. That ‘man’ doesn’t deserve to be a father. Hugs

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