Russia’s neighbor has extensive network of bunkers with impressive amenities

Hello all.  Again it is CNN, so don’t even bother with the CC.  I looked on CBS and MSNBC and couldn’t find this information on either site, and I also have one more CNN video I am trying to find else where.   

The reason this video is important is it shows what a country can do for its people when it is not giving all the wealth produced in that country to the most wealthy few and large corporations.   Think of the US military spending but we don’t have this which should be part of the military budget IMO.   But this is for the people and saves the people, and it doesn’t make profit for defense contractors or give wealth to the rich.    Finland can do it, but again the US cannot, but we are #1 right.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Russia’s neighbor has extensive network of bunkers with impressive amenities

  1. One must recognize the constant threat (which has now been activated) that Russia posed against Ukraine … so IMO, it makes sense they would construct these bunkers.

    Of course you’re correct that the U.S. operates “differently,” but war is not on our doorstep either.

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    1. Hello Nan. This was not Ukraine that did this. It was Finland. But bunkers are not just for war. They are also for major fire areas or hurricanes and as someone who has to leave my home and run from them if they threaten to come near, I would like some. The last major hurricane Ron and I were able to go to the hospital and it had its own power generators, but most people had to go stay in hotels that were not much better than their homes or local sports stadiums and you have seen how bad that is. Imagine spending a couple day sitting in plastic seats without food or water waiting for the all clear to leave. Hugs

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