3 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene demolished by member of her OWN party

    1. Hello Roger. It normally would, but those days died with tRump. He showed how totally being outrageous and ignoring any decent civilized behavior is the way to rising in the party and to being popular with the base voters. The base voters are the lowest common denominators and they love thuggish uncivilized belligerent behavior. They really are a cult of brown shirts or religious fanatics. The Republican base is angry people who feel entitled to have their way and do what they want without consequence regardless of how it effects other people or what other people may want. No one is as important as they are in their way of thinking. That is what the US is dealing with. And if the majority doesn’t stand up to them but lets them have their way, we will lose democracy in the US. Hugs

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      1. We (Europe) have been down this way before Scottie.
        This would be the first time the White Majority has face this threat on their doorsteps.
        They have limited choices, it’s either Take Back America in the media, on the street, in the narrative and shake loose the politicians,
        Or it will be the hard way.
        Churchill once said “The Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other possibilities have been exhausted.” (although there are several version that’s the one I chose). He was fond of America.

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