The Afternoon Stupid Break

Good pantheon of ruling dogs, the stupid is spreading faster than Covid. The US needs to import an education system that works from somewhere. It would be worth the money. And what gets me is she admits and knows the white Europeans that came here stole the lands and tried to wipe out the native people but thinks the natives did that for us / people like her? They were willing to sacrifice themselves and all they had so the white people could worship Jesus!

But she is not alone in the idea that the US founding fathers created the country (everyone fought for the same thing because no one had different ideas back then on what should be the way the country was to be run and what rules to have, again the refusal to learn history is stunning) to worship her god Jesus, so when the constitution says freedom of religion it really means only freedom to worship the Jesus religion so the rest of you religions just get the fuck out.

I got to stop here; I feel a rant building that is not good for my health.

Thanks as always to Tengrain for wonderful posts, I recommend everyone subscribe to his website. He provides news, political analysis, and a lot of fun content as well. And the comments are grand also. Hugs

Mock Paper Scissors

Sweet, sweet relief

My twitter pal Jodi alerts us that we have a live one:

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2 thoughts on “The Afternoon Stupid Break

    1. Hello Nan. This is the fear I have over home schooling, private religious schools that teach an agenda rather than an approved true curriculum, and the new attempt by red states to simply tell public schools what they can mention or say or teach. This is what it leads to. That is the goal of these people. It is a total rewriting of history and creating an army of people who don’t know anything thing different. This woman believes what she is saying. She is not lying for a goal. It is what she has been taught and she thinks it is the entire truth and she wants to push those who deny that truth out. The risk to the country is real. I follow what has happened in other countries. It has happened there and could happen here. This was the stated goal from those that started the home school movement, to create an army of young people that were indoctrinated who would also indoctrinate their children so the movement would grow and spread. I find the situation in the US very concerning to keep a secular democracy of equality for all people. The US they want to create is a White Christian Straight Male ruled country where every everything is filtered through that lens. It is happening already in the red states enforced by SCOTUS. Hugs


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