THE WASHINGTON POST: Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill banning abortions after “fertilization”

Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill banning abortions after “fertilization”
If signed into law, Oklahoma would effectively ban all abortions in the state.

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Oklahoma lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill that would ban abortions from the moment of “fertilization,” which if signed into law would effectively prohibit almost all abortions in the state.

The bill is similar in its enforcement mechanism to one that was signed into law in Texas last year, allowing civilians to file lawsuits against those who perform or seek an abortion.

Under the Oklahoma bill, those who could be punished include anyone who “performs or induces” an abortion; anyone who “knowingly engages in conduct that aids or abets the performance or inducement of an abortion,” including paying for one; and anyone who even “intends to engage” in either of the two actions above.

The bill defines “fertilization” as the moment a sperm meets the egg. It explicitly allows for the use of the Plan B pill and emergency contraception, and exempts from its definition of abortion any procedure to “save the life or preserve the health of the unborn child,” to “remove a dead unborn child caused by spontaneous abortion,” or to remove an ectopic pregnancy.

The bill passed the Oklahoma state legislature on a 73-16 vote Thursday, and it heads to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s (R) desk. If he signs it into law, it would go into effect immediately.

The Supreme Court is expected to issue its decision later next month on the fate of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision guaranteeing a nationwide right to abortion. In anticipation of the court overturning Roe, Republicans in dozens of states have rushed to write laws that would severely restrict abortion access.

On Thursday, Planned Parenthood vowed to take the state of Oklahoma to court over the legislation, saying the ban “must be stopped.”

“The Oklahoma legislature just passed a total ban on abortion, enforced by private citizens,” the pro-choice group tweeted. “This ban will take effect as soon as the governor signs the bill, making Oklahoma the first state to outlaw abortion entirely — even while Roe v. Wade still stands.”

Stitt has already signed into law a ban on abortions in the state for pregnancies past six weeks, doing so the day after the stunning leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade. At the time, he said he wanted Oklahoma to be “the most pro-life state in the country,” which was in part why the state’s new ban included no exceptions for rape or incest.

Democratic Oklahoma state representatives had sounded the alarm over the bill. Among some of the concerns they raised were that it could affect in vitro fertilization.

“Looking at the language, it’s hard to see how it wouldn’t affect in vitro fertilization because it talks about as soon as the ovum and the sperm meet, and the egg is fertilized, that means that’s a person,” Oklahoma state Rep. Emily Virgin (D) said, according to KOKH News. “That’s what happens with in vitro fertilization, you create embryos.”

Oklahoma state Rep. Wendi Stearman (R), the bill’s sponsor, said IVF was not included in the bill, as it “would be tough” to prove that an abortion had occurred in that situation.

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      OTT. The car is at the dealership. When we got it home the electronic sensor, lane assist, and warnings systems were not working much, hardly at all, and some not at all. Twice we nearly got hit and the collision warning system that would normally activate too early never went off. The service manager dealing with us thought that when they fixed the car they simply forgot to recalibrate the sensors system. They had to do that when we had the windsheild replaced. But I had a feeling it was more. He suggested we bring it in and wait so they could check it out and in 30 minutes they would be able to do it and we could leave, if it was something more they could have a suttle drivere take us home. I told him we would drop the car off as we had a second vehicle and when they called us we would pick it up. Well by 2 PM with no word I new something was not right. I texted the service advisor that checked it in, no answer. So 15 minutes later I called the switchboard. They tried three time to get the guy, and so they emailed him. An hour later he texted me back saying that there was an issue and the shop foreman was going to take the car for a drive. Oh shit. The car fell into the blackhole that is that dealership again. So I asked if they needed to keep it over night. The guy got right back to me this time. Yes if at all possible they needed to do that. So I agreed but told him I wanted an update by noon tomorrow. This means either the sensors are not working ( Ron wonders if when they pained the parts they got over spray on the snsors, see all the parts are now nuteral color that autobody shops paint the right color ) I think the computer system that runs that got fried when the car got hit and they never checked it nor replaced it. We will soon see. May get a new car out of this yet. Ron really liked the Lincon but it is not a hybrid.

      Well they just called and said that after having it all day (we dropped it off at 9 AM and it is 4:20 PM now) that the system did not show an error code and it is all working. I doubt that but OK. So James and Ron are going to get it, my back is hurting too much to drive that far and back. Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. Nope. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. On the car, all the systems are now working again just as they did before. Ron says if they want to claim nothing was wrong to let them have it, they clearly fixed the problem. They did not charge us, so I guess all is good. I am trying to talk Ron into another van but he is resisting.

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  1. OK (the state) did this on purpose, on the premise that it will ban Plan B birth control. Their logic is that if you think you need Plan B, there’s probably fertilization. Our leg has played with that since Brownback was governor, and all the TRAP laws for clinics went into place. Anyway, banning Plan B as an “abortifacient” will begin the chipping away of contraception, also as abortifacients.

    You know, it’d be one thing if anti-choicers were in favor of supporting pregnant people and familes in general, at all (which they are not.) All they want is forced pregnancy, apparently not even caring if the woman or the pregnancy makes it to the birth process, much less through it. Human rights are human rights, and pregnant people are human.

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes they did. Everything they are doing is to return the US to a regressive white male oriented in control state. People are only beginning to see that. Alito is a very angry older white highly religious male who wants his country back to when people had a facade of religious values and where Christian men made the rules. He had to quote a 1600 lawyer who advocated for church rule and the burning of witches for uppity women.

      Think of it this way. Alito is 72 years old. When he was 32 it was 1982, 40 years ago. When he was in school it was in the 1960s. He cannot handle the changes and hates them. It is in his power to revert the country back to what he wants, and he is willing to do it.

      But I learned today that the youngest of the 8 leaders of the Democratic party in the US congress is 71. Basically the same age as Alito. How can they relate to the needs of the young people today when they were young in the 1960s or 1970s? Biden is on record saying he doesn’t understand why there is a need for school loan relief, well when he went to college it might have cost $100 dollars a semester. Look at the questions on legalizing weed. I could go on, but polling on every issue no matter what it is breaks down by age groups. So here we are. Hugs

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      1. Exactly, and agreed. One thing I’ve learned as a person who has not been young for more than 2 decades; it’s so different now, though so many fights are the same. It looked like it was going to be a very different world by now when we made our son, from how it is. So much progress, but so much recent and ongoing regression plus an ever-degrading environment. All we can do is all we can do, so we’ll all do all we can as we can.

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        1. Hello Ali. Some steps forward, a few less back, more forward. That is until Alito and the Republicans decided to force the entire country back to the 1950s. (in Alito’s case back to the 1600s)

          Things change and it is hard for people to give up what they learned and lived in their best years. I keep repeating that when I left the military in my late 20’s I bought a new home, new truck, used motorcycle, other luxuries. Then when Ron moved in with me I bought a second new car and a second used motorcycle, all on one salary. James was spending most of his salary on housing until he moved back home this year. He tried and he has a good job, but in our area it takes 75% of a worker’s salary to afford housing. This is what the people of child raising age are facing. How can they raise kids? Yet the SCOTUS is going to force women to birth their pregnancies and they won’t have support to raise or deal with them. Hugs

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