SLATE: The Biggest Mystery of the SCOTUS Leak Isn’t “Who Did It?”

The Biggest Mystery of the SCOTUS Leak Isn’t “Who Did It?”
There are good reasons to think the SCOTUS leak is not a leak at all.

Read in Slate:

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4 thoughts on “SLATE: The Biggest Mystery of the SCOTUS Leak Isn’t “Who Did It?”

  1. Scottie, I have to admire your dedication to the news. This article is quite long and takes a fair amount of time to read — and many others you reference are of similar (and longer) length. PLUS the many videos you share take considerable time to watch.

    Perhaps this dedication (obsession?) is assisted by your health concerns in that you’re limited on physical activities. Nevertheless, IMO, you are a “special breed.” (And I mean that in a good way.)

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    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. 😀🤩😎 I realize other people don’t have the time I have, nor the interest to read long articles or watch long videos. On the videos I am lucky I can do that while doing other things.

      I don’t expect everyone to watch every video or to read everything I post. Some people may not be interested in the topics, cannot hear well or dislike the host of the show, or simply have not enough time or attention span for the longer articles. I myself have started getting frustrated with some news articles that stretch on long after the main point of the article has been well hashed over. I did not find this one that long but the subject really interests me so I may not have noticed. Sometimes I do what you have done, after reading so far, I start skimming for keywords or sentences.

      Ron watches a lot of TV / videos on the streaming networks. But they don’t hold my interest like a news or science video. Ron worries I may not be getting away from the news enough and wants me to just watch some stuff for fun. But he doesn’t understand for me it is fun, it is engaging. Plus I hate taking the limited time I have at the computer when my body won’t let me sit to watch a movie or TV show. I need to get a laptop to use when I am laying down. I can do the email post of news (except the firewalled ones) articles, but I cannot do comments or written posts from my pad, it is too clumsy. I was going to get both Ron and I new laptops, but they have soared so much in price I am waiting for them to come down. Hugs

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  2. Scottie, it is not uncommon for a White House to leak something to glean reaction. It is highly political to do so, but it is not unusual, regardless of party. If something is reacted to poorly, they can say it was just an idea. I would not be surprised, but be very disappointed, if SCOTUS did this on purpose to gauge reaction. If that is true, that would be worse than the ruling, as the group would be just like the other branches. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Well the article has its opinion on this that it was more to lock in the worst of the ruling and to keep any one of the conservative judges from wavering. Thomas as the senior judge on the majority side would have been the one to assign the writing the ruling to. It has long been known that Alito is the most strident of the antiabortionist on the court and also he long has hated all the progressive culture advances of equality for women, blacks, and the LGBTQ+. He has long claimed that there is no race problem in the US and that cops don’t single out black people to abuse. To him white privilege is normal and not a problem. A few years ago he gave an address to a Catholic college in which he bemoaned that the nation was moving away from religion in daily life and that more religion in all aspects of government was called for. Well here comes the theocracy and the only solution is to change the court by adding 4 more non-religious members. Hugs

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