MUST Watch – Allison Gill on Roe v Wade, Freedom from Republicans & More

I listen to three podcasts Allison Gill does.   She is smart, funny, and has a great grasp of politics and the law.  But her story here in this short interview shows the incredible harm of the Republicans taking away the right of full body autonomy for healthcare and abortion from women.   She was drugged and raped as a young service member.  She became pregnant with the rapist child.  Her command told her if she reported the rape by a married man, she would be the one charged and punished, not him.   There was no plan B or pills to end the pregnancy back then.   She was looking at being a single woman in the military trying to carry a rapist baby to term and give birth, how could she do her job, would she be discharged?  Thankfully, she was in a place where there was a Planned Parenthood, and she could get an abortion.  She doesn’t complain about this but I damn sure will, she had to pay for it herself.   Drugged, raped, unwanted pregnancy, and still she had to come up with the money to have the abortion while the married rapist faced no penalty for his actions.   Damn it people this is the world the Republicans, at the urging of the hyper religious, are dragging us back to.   Where men can force themselves on women, make them pregnant, leave them with the life destroying problem, and walk away happy to have used a woman’s body to have sex and cum in.      I have been raped.  As a child repeatedly.  As an adult three times.  The only saving grace is that I cannot get pregnant.  I never faced that issue.   This beyond me how any decent people can be OK with this.   I said before these anti-abortion rights people have an image in their minds of a year old bouncing baby or a toddler that is being aborted.  But it is not.   In most cases it is a clump of cells, it is something smaller than a gold ball.   No matter what trimester it has no consciousness, never drew a breath, never had a dream of its future, never desired anything in life, never experienced anything, yet Republicans and the rabid right want to make that thing more important than a woman that has done all of those.   I just don’t understand.  Hugs  

7 thoughts on “MUST Watch – Allison Gill on Roe v Wade, Freedom from Republicans & More

  1. You know how I am about watching videos … but I did watch a few minutes of this one and yes, she said some good things. But as with articles and videos and emails and speeches … it’s ALL TALK!

    Until SOMEONE steps up and start LEADING this country and COUNTERING all the CRAP the Repukes dish out, what good is any of it? You can post blogs that are great at delineating the problems … and your visitors (and me) may agree with them. But until we get SOMEONE to step up and be the spokesperson for the Democratic Party, the “other side” is going to continue taking us to task.

    Biden is weak. Yes, I hate to say that about the POTUS, but it’s true. He’s namby-pamby. And unfortunately, the same can be said for a large percentage of the leaders in the Democratic Party. They DON’T/WON’T fight back! (There are exceptions, but not enough.)

    I don’t have any answers, but I am getting really sick and tired of reading all the negativism that you post. (And this isn’t a slam against you … you’re just sharing what you read.)

    I know your goal is to share some of the crap the Repukes are doing, but then the question becomes … what is anyone doing about it???

    Sorry for the rant. I’m just getting really tired of reading how the Repukes are flinging mudpie after mudpie … and the Dems just stand there and take it!

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    1. Hello Nan. Rant away, I like your rant. But I do disagree with you. We are doing something. The more information out there, the more people speak out, the stronger the movement becomes. The more the message gets out the more people who call or write their congress people. Not everyone can march or do protests, but everyone talks to other people. They share their thoughts and make their opinions known. For example when Ron and I were getting our boosters they have a partial screen up but really it is in the open. I noticed one couple glaring at us, so I asked the pharmacist if they were giving out as many boosters this time as the other times. He relied that no they were swamped for the main two shots but it was less for the first booster and even less people wanted the second booster. I noticed the woman standing there watching us was nodding when he said people did not seem to want the boosters. So I voiced my opinion that the vaccines and the boosters were important and touted the benefits of getting them. The pharmacist agreed and expanded on it. Everyone walking by heard it. The glaring couple fumed off but they heard it.

      Yes the Democrats are weak and they are bribed / bought as bad as the Republicans, maybe more because the Republicans will stand up against their big money donors to enact their hateful social agenda while the Democrats won’t. It is like the Democrats are paid to lose like the basketball team that played against the globetrotters. The leadership of both parties are very old, but the Republicans have younger firebrands to inject the fire into the party. The Democratic leadership shuts their firebrands, the progressives, down and prevents them from speaking of the issues the people want because that upsets the big money donors that Pelosi and the other leadership members desperately want to keep happy so they can keep the cash coming in.

      But the more the public speaks out the more the progressives in office have cover to voice their positions and fight for the people. Take legalizing cannabis. It is a win win on all aspects and the majority of people really want it. Yet big pharma hates it as cannabis is a great pain killer and in a lot of cases it is cheaper. So as it cuts into profits for big business the bought and paid for members of both parties are against it.

      That is where the average people have little chance of affecting the situation unless we keep raising our voices. Hugs


      1. Yes, we disagree. You are an anomaly, Scottie. Very few people make as much effort as you to counter the crap that is being thrown out and about by the Repukes. Your posts are prime examples of how vocal they are. Now … if you want to start posting more incidents of how the DEMOCRATS are standing up and sounding off, then I might concede my point.

        I do realize the news media plays a big role in this, but as much research as you do, why not share some good news as well? This isn’t to say that you never do … but it is a bit lopsided. 🤪

        And yes … I do agree with you that big $$$$$ come into play in a major way. And that’s maddening and disgusting! And sad.

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        1. Hello Nan. 😀😎🤩 I do see positive things happening such as progressives winning over corporate Democrats. But you are correct I don’t normally post them. Why? Because I post so much and there is so much more I want to post than I can get to every day. I post the stuff I want people to know so they can work on changing them. I still have 11 tabs from yesterday I want to post and I have not even looked at the new news for today yet. I feel if people want to see feel good stuff or positive stories there is a lot of media that shows these. Positive news stories are something that doesn’t require more action on the part of the viewers. It is the issues that have negative and bad effects for the public or singled out groups that I post on to keep people informed about so they can try to effect the changes needed.

          Simply put it is not what I do, I want to accomplish change, and if it is already done it is time to move on to the next things that need to be changed. Hugs

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