Televangelist: A “Demonized” Old Lady Screamed At Me

This is for the viewers who enjoy the totally clueless religious grifters.  This woman went pushing religion on an elderly person who did not want it.   Yet rather than admit she was wrong to do that she claims the woman rejected her god because she has a demon in her.    Yes the only reason someone would reject being preached to about the Christian god is you are possessed by a demon.  Hugs

One of the comments hit the nail on the head with this: “Just more people who think this is the way they earn brownie points to get into heaven. They aren’t so much acting out of concern for others as they are out of fear for themselves because they can’t stand the thought that there might not actually be an afterlife”.    They are doing it for themselves to please their god, they don’t really care about other people.    Hugs

Televangelist and self-proclaimed prophet Jennifer Eivaz tried to “share Jesus” with an elderly woman living in an assisted living home and things didn’t go so well.

She writes for the far-right Charisma News:

I found her easily enough, as she typically sat facing a window in her wheelchair, always bent over in an arch and never fully able to straighten herself up.

I approached her as politely as I knew how and then shared with her about the love of Jesus and the power of His forgiveness. At the same time, I mistakenly believed she was ready to receive my words and did not anticipate what happened next.

Instead of her being receptive, almost instantly an ugly stream of blasphemies and curses spilled out her mouth. She continued to make abominably vile and foul statements about Jesus until I gave up and walked out of the facility in both shock and embarrassment.

What was going on here? This usually quiet, elderly woman was not crazy, as we are so apt to label people who behave how she behaved. She was demonized, meaning she was under the control and influence of a demonic spirit. This aged woman had a demon and that demon hated Jesus viciously.


clay • 3 days ago

That first paragraph . . . she goes around stalking people in nursing homes?

Nic Peterson clay • 3 days ago

How is it that she gained access? We really need to protect the elderly from these groomers.

Jim Smith Nic Peterson • 3 days ago

Many of these assisted living places are profoundly expensive, and typically insurance doesn’t cover it. A friend’s parents were in one here in Texas and they paid over $4,000 a month for the mother, just for a little apartment there, and they paid $11,000 a month for the father, who was in memory care with Parkinsons. These people were paying out of their own savings, so there’s money to be made for the Jeebus grifters.

cfa Jim Smith • 3 days ago

My mother is in assisted living. She is paying about $9500 per month rent, plus about $2000 for medication management and personal care services. She does have long-term care insurance which reimburses about $9300 of that. But I am sure that many of her fellow residents are paying full freight, and (like Mom) have tons on money in the bank from selling their homes (mortgages paid off years ago)

Chris Harami clay • 3 days ago

It’s the only way she can get an audience-captive! I wonder if she is trying to scam them for $$$

David Walker clay • 3 days ago

Oh, yeah. But sometimes we little old ladies can take only so much. I’d always checked “no” when in a hospital and asked if I wanted to see a chaplain. My ‘no’ was honored until a husband/wife tag team came to share the Good News.. I told them I did not want them and that my partner was visiting (holding my hand). When they started in with the gay thing, I told them to get out. If they didn’t, I would call the nurse. They left saying they’d pray for me. Both Jack and I shouted out “don’t bother.” I complained to the chaplain-in-chief and got lunch and an apology.
So, yeah. It’s proper and just to remind the jeebus shouters that not all of us believe what they do, that trying their conversion techniques on those who are restricted in their movement should NOT be treated as sitting ducks, and their assumptions are full of shit.
Totally on the old girl’s side.

Chuck in NYC David Walker • 2 days ago

Just more people who think this is the way they earn brownie points to get into heaven. They aren’t so much acting out of concern for others as they are out of fear for themselves because they can’t stand the thought that there might not actually be an afterlife.

April Smith clay • 3 days ago • edited

Let us prey…

But yeah, talk about a captive audience. Literally can’t run away from these goody two shoes who are only after getting brownie points with their god.

I had a coworker who constantly tried to “save” me. Told him I wouldn’t be another notch in his bible.

wmforr April Smith • 3 days ago

Do they get a toaster oven for every hundred people they recruit?

JIM W • 3 days ago

Xtians always think they have a willing captive audience in care facilities. On one of the occasions when I was admitted to hospital, I was eating my lunch and a priest came through the door, not knocking, and began to offer to pray for me. I had written on my admitting from that I was Atheist and wanted no religious affiliation. I told him to get the fuck out of my room and thew my Jello at him. What makes Xtians think that just because you are old, you want to be harassed by liars.

9 thoughts on “Televangelist: A “Demonized” Old Lady Screamed At Me

  1. “… She was demonized, meaning she was under the control and influence of a demonic spirit. …” Yeah, she was demonized (the speaker should look up that term) by Jennifer Eivaz forcing herself and her words upon an older person unable to get away.
    Seriously. What Ms. Eivaz did is not what Jesus would do. I’m not proselytizing, just sayin’. ☮

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    1. Hello Ali. I don’t know about Jesus but I worked in a large hospital. The rules were quite clear that employees did not force their opinions on the patients. Patients were free to voice their opinions on any subjects, but employees were not allowed to push their politics or religion onto patients. If there was an issue say of racism or bigotry, then switching the caregiver was the normal response or if it caused a disruption then management would step in to set rules for the patient. The reason for these rules is the patient cannot leave. They are stuck there until healed or discharged. So they couldn’t walk away.

      During my last surgery when I had my left hip replaced, the person filling out the paperwork for the hospital kept trying to get me to allow clerical visits. First they ask your religion and I stated Atheist. They she asked if clergy visits were something I wanted. I said no. She then pushed to for me to let a few come see me, as she was sure it helped patients and made the healing faster. I said no. She then pushed to allow her Priest to come visit by asking what time during the day would be best. I was about to explode. Ron leaned over and told her that if she wanted to see violence in the room to have a Priest, Pastor, Reverend, or religious person come into the room to share their religion because I would drag himself out of the bed to kick their ass as I had clearly said I did not want them there and the patients’ bill of rights gave me that right. And if he was there, he would help me. Then we would sue the hospital. The lady was clearly pissed off but she dropped it. And I don’t remember any religious visits. But this lady clearly felt that was a great time and place to have her religious leaders push their religion on people. It is the idea of catching people in crisis and they might be hooked. Hugs

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        1. Hello Ali. Just another day in the deep south with Christians who think it is not only their duty but their right to spout / force their religion on everyone. Thank the great Dog that some businesses still have rules that the non-Christians can use to fight back, but those will soon be gone if the SCOTUS has its way. Best wishes as always. Hugs

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  2. I would have done just as that elderly lady did … I would have said words that evangelist likely never heard before! In fact, I have called one who was ‘street preaching’ and tried to grab my arm once a “f*cking lunatic”. I try to respect everyone’s religion, but I will not tolerate people who try to shove their religious believes onto me! Have these loons never heard of the 1st Amendment right to FREEDOM of religion? That includes freedom FROM religion! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. I love it. Respect for personal faith should go both ways, but sadly too many people feel they are entitled to push their religion on to other people. And I don’t understand that idea. I used to ask the Jehovah witnesses that would come to our door in WPB to sell their faith if I could share my religion with them. I was an atheist but they did not know that. They never wanted that and if I demanded to go first, they would just put pamphlets on the steps and leave. They only wanted the credit points from their god that they pushed their god on someone and maybe got a donation. In the SDA church people got more stars in their crown in heaven for the people they brought into the religion. Hugs

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  3. Speaking from experience (that I wished I’d never had) … Christians are instructed from the get-go to “evangelize.” And to their way of thinking, the “unsaved” simply don’t know what they’re missing so it’s their job to “inform” them.

    Of course, to this person, the poor old lady was demon-possessed. Too many believers are simply unable to recognize/accept the imposition they are making on others … and when the other person lets them know, good old Satan MUST be the reason!

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    1. Hello Nan. It must be great to have someone that they can blame everything that doesn’t go their way on. Good old Satan. Ready and willing for them to hang everything on. They do something wrong to someone else, Satan made them do it. They do a sexual sin, that guy Satan temped them and overcame their resistance. That Satan is a damn busy guy.

      Ron watches a show called Lucifer on Netflix that he really likes.

      Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, this series follows Lucifer, the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell. After abandoning his throne and retiring to Los Angeles, Lucifer indulges in his favorite things (women, wine and song) — until a murder takes place outside of his upscale nightclub. For the first time in billions of years, the murder awakens something unfamiliar in Lucifer’s soul that is eerily similar to compassion and sympathy. Lucifer is faced with another surprise when he meets an intriguing homicide detective named Chloe, who appears to possess an inherent goodness — unlike the worst of humanity, to which he is accustomed. Suddenly, Lucifer starts to wonder if there is hope for his soul.

      Nan I could understand the command to tell people about her god thousands of years ago when we did not have the easy flow of information we have now. But do these people really think that anyone in the civilized world has not heard of their bible, their god? Do they seriously think just mentioning how great their god is going to convince anyone to follow their god? I know it is an emotional thing for these people, but to me it doesn’t make sense nor pass the smell test. Hugs

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      1. There are an untold number of reasons why people “convert” — but IMO, yes, it is primarily based on emotion. And fear. Nearly everyone knows about the Christian division of “heaven” and “hell” — and far too many are convinced it’s REAL. So all a believer has to do is “hint” at the possibility that you might end up there if you don’t “accept Jesus” … and VOILA! Another one joins the ranks of deception.

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