TIME: What We Know So Far About the Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

What We Know So Far About the Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas
Robb Elementary School serves about 500 students in second-grade through fourth grade and enrolls mostly Latino students. Thursday was scheduled to be the district’s last day of school before summer break

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4 thoughts on “TIME: What We Know So Far About the Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

  1. Hi Scottie;
    I just watched Biden’s lamentation of this event. “What has happened to us?” he asked, and it had me wondering.
    I’m an ’80’s kid. I try to keep that quiet, but what does one do? Still, I NEVER worried about going to school! We had an open breezeway between two buildings – and how is that for showing my age? The doors weren’t locked! How could we be expected to sneak a smoke or take off for Burger King at lunch without permission if they locked the doors? Yep, that was the height of rebel; smoking and skipping out for lunch.
    So, what happened? I recall taking the NRA hunter’s safety course in the ’80’s. We talked about shotguns and 30-06 rifles, bows, wearing orange. Don’t recall AR-47’s coming into conversation. Again, guess I’m showing my age. We used targets, shot at safety ranges. We talked about the responsibility of down-range. We talked about safe storage of the guns, safe carry, safe use. This was a mark of maturity for us that we were no longer the Daisy Red Rider BB gun boy, but responsible young men and women, and we were proud and damned careful that we didn’t lose that mark!
    I don’t recall ever seeing anyone posing with guns as a christmas card photo? When did that become a thing? When did having a gun go from being a tool as an outdoorsman, no greater than a fishing pole, and become some sort of dick measuring device for wanna-be’s? When did the pride of shooting accurately and SAFELY get replaced with how big your clip is? I’m sad when I look at how the very courses I looked so forward to as a kid, the proof that I was Educated, Responsible, Fit to go hunting and shooting – has turned somehow. What happened? What did we lose?
    Biden has already been castigated for showing his sadness at this, another school shooting! There are those who will call him weak, ineffectual – some as they lovingly stroke their colt, some weeping as they hold their grieving family. I remember those who did the same with Obama when he cried with the families of Sandy Hook. Maybe it’s weak, I don’t know.
    I think we’ve lost the first thing I was taught in NRA hunting safety: Hunting (gun ownership) is a privilege of a responsible, considered and considerate adult.
    I think we lost the idea that it was a privilege. It came with expectations of conduct, of education, of maturity. Somehow it became a right? A right that surpassed the rights of others to be safe, to be secure in public places. Somehow the idea of owning a gun lost the expectation of maturity.

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    1. Hello Randy. The idea that a gun was a privilege that changed to a right was when Scalia created a right for everyone to own a gun out of nothing using the 2 amendment killing the understanding of that amendment being a well trained militia run by the state. The decision was District of Columbia v. Heller, and it was simply that the right wanted to end gun restrictions. Scalia liked his guns and did not want restrictions, so he created a right. He was a right wing activist judge.

      The change in how guns were thought of in the US changed greatly when the NRA went from being a gun safety organization supported by members to a gun advocacy promotion organization supported by gun manufactures. The goal of the group became to increase the money of the leaders of the group and to increase the sales of guns. When the details came out of how they worked with lobbying firms and had strategy sessions to handle mass shooting to give politicians cover and to teach right wing elected officials to change the topic from guns to whatever, like it is mental illness not guns, it is too early to talk about gun control, and other slogans the NRA has come up with. This came out when they went to another country that had a shooting and advised them how to get ahead of it.

      Guns became a status symbol when Republicans equated guns with freedom. It was a way to anger their base against Democrats like Obama. Remember that Obama was coming to take all the guns. protect your freedom buy more guns. Carrying your guns around equals freedom. Any restrictions on guns is a restriction on freedom. The right wing media did the same thing with Covid protocols. Requiring a mask took away your freedom. Letting kids read books with the LGBTQ+ characters reemoves parents rights. Hugs


    1. Hello Nan. That is the same thing Chris Murphy from Conn said. It is well know that big business wouldn’t be happy with any restrictions on their profits, and would take it out against any politician that stands up to them. Sadly that is why the Democratic leadership is doing a lot of talking but not really trying to gather support for any real change. Hugs

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