‘We’re Failing Ourselves’: 15 Die In Texas Before Buffalo Shooting Victims Are Buried

Fmr. Rep. David Jolly and Nicolle Wallace discusses the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas in which fourteen students and one teacher have died. “They are still burying the dead in Buffalo, New York … We are a country that does not finish burying the dead from one mass shooting before we are drawn into another one,” remarks Nicolle Wallace. Jolly opined on America’s lack of gun legislation, saying that “If more guns made us safer, we’d be the safest country in the world. We’re not.”

9 thoughts on “‘We’re Failing Ourselves’: 15 Die In Texas Before Buffalo Shooting Victims Are Buried

    1. Hello Roger. Thank you. 21 people killed and many more injured. As more details come out the response of the Republicans in Texas is the real horror. Demanding more guns be carried by everyone like a fantascy wild west story, wanting teachers armed and ready to shoot their students, making schools prisons with only one point of entry or exit. All so adults don’t have to give up one second of carrying around a gun. All so adults can feel tough like Rambo. That is what I no longer have words to address. Next they will demand schools have cells and armed guards like prisons and kids will be strip searched on entry to the buildings. But you know what, the shooters will just move from schools to nursing homes, or grocery stores, the main street, anywhere, so the gun lovers have no restrictions. The US population has to now be worried all the time in public they will be shot. Hugs

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      1. So let me get this straight.
        Every adult in school facility will be trained in the use of handgun firearms to a high standard, enabling to aim exactly at the right person at the right moment and make the right shot, while crowds of pupils are panicking and the shooter who is armed with a semi-automatic is felled by Dirty Harry like accuracy.
        Then having killed someone the teacher calmly holsters there gun and carries on teaching.
        Meanwhile in the streets there will be no friendly fire in cross fire or mis-identification. And all the good civilians will take down the bad guys with the same cool, calm response as displayed by these mythical teachers.

        All the while some pro-gun folk live in Movie-land.

        Pity help the USA

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        1. Hello Roger. Yes you stated it correctly except you left out that the same teachers that are being accused of grooming their students for LGBTQ+ sex are the same one that the right wants to trust with guns in the classroom and alone with students. Plus that these same teachers that are underpaid and in states cutting school funding will have to pay for their gun and training … how? Do the poor teachers pay out of pocket? Does the state pay and then deduct the cost from the school’s budgets? Hugs

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  1. I sometimes think the only way CERTAIN politicians will actually take steps to rectify these killings will be when THEY are DIRECTLY affected. For example — considering the AGE of many in Congress — one of their grandkids or great-grandkids are among the victims.

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    1. Hello Nan. I don’t think that will do it for the leadership either. They love that money. That big money donor money. They love their power and will do anything to keep it. So even if a mass shooting hits their families, they won’t call for real change. That would make big business unhappy and big business might want a change in leadership. Lower ranking Democrats in the house want it. But there are far too many corporate Democrats in both chambers. Yes the house passed background checks, but they did so knowing there was no way the Senate would never pass it. If these corporate Democrats thought there was a way it might become law they would never vote for it and risk upsetting their big money donors. Big businesses own our government and they run the country. They let us think we have a say when we rarely do, and they let some of us vote. But they run the country. Something DeathSantis and the Republicans are going to find out very soon. Hugs

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