‘Why Are You Here?’ Sen. Murphy Begs Colleagues To Compromise On Gun Legislation

Sen. Chris Murphy D-Conn., became emotional on the Senate floor begging his Republican colleagues to compromise on gun legislation following the shooting at a Texas elementary school. He compared the Uvalde shooting to Sandy Hook, and said, “This only happens in this country and no where else.”

3 thoughts on “‘Why Are You Here?’ Sen. Murphy Begs Colleagues To Compromise On Gun Legislation

  1. Scottie, we are number one. We have more gun deaths than all the other top 23 civilized nations in the world COMBINED. Out rate of gun deaths is three times that of Canada, where they also like their guns. Three times the rate. Let me say this loudly, once again, we will NEVER solve this problem until our legislators act like parents and grandparents and stop acting like people scared of the NRA focused base. Quite sadly, this is no longer news in America. It has become routine. What shooting will come next week? How many more teens, young adults and college students will commit suicide due to access to guns? How many more adults or kids will be shot, because a four or six year old found a loaded weapon? How many more people will be shot in a mass shooting because someone with a cause, a beef, a fantasy got access to a gun. Thoughts and prayers will not solve this problem. They have become a trite way for a legislator to say I am sorry your loved one is dead, but watch me dribble the basketball to stall out the game clock on this episode. Keith

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    1. Hello Nan. No not the die hards. But as I have recently been told, not all gun owners are against any gun regulations. Some gun owners want reasonable regulations. This will reach them. Also it will solidify and grow the 90% that already is vocally supporting gun restrictions.

      Here is the way I see it. The other side is very vocal and loud about their beliefs on guns. They repeatedly tout the idea that the country needs more guns and that only good people with guns can stop mass shootings. Well that and prayer. We need to take a page for the right wing media strategy. Say what we want loud, often, and repeat until is the first thing people think of. Hugs

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