POLITICO: Robb Elementary had security. It didn’t stop a massacre.

Robb Elementary had security. It didn’t stop a massacre.
Texas officials are revisiting efforts to bolster mental health services and harden school security as families grieve the tragic attack at Robb Elementary School.

Read in POLITICO: https://apple.news/AHxh-uGqIQL-31oY3aPH1nA

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2 thoughts on “POLITICO: Robb Elementary had security. It didn’t stop a massacre.

  1. And in 6 months they will cut the funding again as there are elections coming and they will need to show how fiscally responsible they are.

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    1. Hello Muttpupdad. I am at a loss. What are the children in our country worth? There is an attempt on the right to say the unborn potential child is worth the life or ruin of the woman carrying it, but to save a breathing child nothing is worth doing.

      I love my computers, they are the way this disabled man is able to enjoy life. But if tomorrow they said we need to get rid of all the computers to save the lives of the children that die in our country I would be more than willing to give them up. Save kids’ lives, yup here take them. But there are a segment of the population in the US that think somehow that gun they have is equal to their freedom and their worth as people. That gun they love to display is worth more than anything else in their minds. They disgust me.

      I just learned there were 19 police in the hallway of that classroom that refused to break into the room because they did not want to be shot. A room where kids were alive among the dead, one little girl smeared the blood of her dead friend on herself to pretend to be dead as she quietly called 911. I am sorry I cannot … The police were scared to go in because they were scared, so they left 10 year olds with no gear or guns to deal with the shooter. Hugs

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