3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about teachers, cats, and gas stations….

  1. Hi Scottie;
    I’ve never had a good opportunity to ask this question of others who have certain needs. Most who I know to have this/these needs I’d not wish to offend. I wonder if I could use your platform to ask strangers??
    See, I’m a 53+ year old man, in fact a gay man — even with a testosterone deficiency for all the irony and injury, but I’m a man and I’m free and alive. I don’t own a gun. I don’t feel less free for not owning a gun, and I certainly don’t feel less a man for not owning a gun. And, let me be clear: for those who say “there’s a home without a gun! Invade!”, I don’t suggest you try. Because, see, I don’t need a gun to be a man, to be ~the man~ of my house.
    No, I don’t need a gun. I don’t need 10,000 rounds to feel manly. I don’t need 20 guns to feel prepared for a government take over. I don’t need extended magazines to pretend I’m a masculine of the species. I don’t need to pretend, I don’t need props to make others believe, and I can look at myself in the mirror and know: I am a man.
    I guess it seems odd to say this. I mean, it seems an odd bit of chest thumping, but I’m curious and to be hones quite angry. And, I know it sounds hollow bragging. But, I say this: threaten a child in my view with a gun and you will NEED ONE!!! I won’t wait for 20 others with guns. I won’t wait while 20 children die for cowardice. I’m not alone in this – no gay man that I know would stand by such a thing. Being a man is more than who you love, even how you dress; being a “man” – standing up for the weak, the innocent, well, that’s being a man. And, frankly, we found it’s what is being a woman, too, so says Irma Linda Garcia and Eva Mireles
    So, I’m hoping you could use the platform to ask others for me, Scottie? What happened? Why do they feel so fearful? Why do they feel that they can’t be a man without a gun? And, why must children die to help such people feel manly?


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    1. Hello Brother. Beautifully said. As you said what makes a man or woman is inside a person, not what movies or other people claim makes it so. Those who need to pretend or cosplay to be a man, they are denying themselves and are trying to be what they think others feel they should be. They have fallen for the idea that there is only one accepted way a gender acts. It reminds me of the stereotypes of gay people in the 1970s, they were always hairdressers and flaming. Car mechanics, soldiers, lumberjacks couldn’t be gay because they are real men. Right now two European football players have come out as gay, and they are being accepted, no questions on their maleness / masculinity. When a US football player tried to come out he was banned from the sport, even after some former players came out, because in the US football is a manly sport and the viewers couldn’t accept that a man could be gay. Why?

      It comes down to the fact that the US is a backwards country struggling with a formerly religious enforced view of gender roles. They were always bullshit, but it was in the interests of those in charge to keep the stereotypes going. Men did certain things and got certain privileges. Women served men and earned their privileges from pleasing the man in their lives. It was all designed to keep those in power reaping the rewards. So when it went public there were men who enjoyed the “female role” in sex it threatened the establishment. It was OK as long as it was hidden, but to be open and accepted meant everything those in charge wanted would be changed and they would lose control. The men in charge of the churches and politics were directly threatened by two groups, the feminist who wanted equal rights and the queers who wanted equal rights. Frankly they have never gotten over it and are still fighting to get their authority / power back. Right now they are winning in the US, other countries have moved on.

      So to your point what makes a man. Or what makes a woman. You said it clearly and correctly. You know you’re a man. Men come in all shapes, sizes, hair styles, and so do women. How do they know what they are without society giving them assigned roles? They know inside themselves. It is their sense of identity. They just know. Just as they know who they are attracted too, what ice cream they enjoy, how they like to dress, what they enjoy for music, and how they see themselves. Guess what, that is gender identity in a nutshell. In its entirety! People know if they are a male or female gender, and they don’t need to be told nor do they need to be held to a public standard.

      I remember when feminists fighting for women’s rights were against the Barbie doll. It was sexist and designed to look like a male fantasy they said. Women should not have to look like a sex object to get men hot and horny was what they were about. Yet some feminist now want to ignore that fight they had to deny trans people those same benefits.

      Gender is not what is displayed, and it is not the accessories as you so wonderfully said. It is what we feel we are, it is a part of our core being. That is why I fight for trans rights, they are the same rights we are all needing. Hugs


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