9 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene makes comment so dumb, it hurts

    1. Hello Nan. Ole Marge Greene has made so many stupid statements so frequently I had to go back and watch this one again. Yes it is all crap … See what I did there? But the fact is the reason her voters love her is she is a troll, an online internet troll in living color. That is what being an elected Representative to the US congress means now, an internet troll in life. A professional asshole who has no committees and writes no laws, but bitches and insults everyone on the other side making her supporters feel great about themselves. It is how they act in life. It used to be people like that were looked down on. They were the low people on the wrong side of the tracks. Now after tRump and the Chirs Christie type leaders of the Republican party they are back on top, the thugs in charge. Stupid and proud of it. That will show their teachers, they are to going places. Hugs

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    1. Hello Keith. That shows reason, and a sense of worth. I agree. Sometimes a person is less for hearing what others might think is worth saying, especially these trolls. But in her case, we do have to remember she is an elected member of the US House of Representatives who has no committee assignments so cannot represent her district who is winning reelection. Maybe we should work against her. Hugs


      1. Scottie, the fact she represents the more strident members of her party means she should be held up as the face of the Republican party. Her clone in NC, Madison Cawthorn and the Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, have both been vilified by the Governor, Attorney General (NC) and editorial board for promoting violence if the government gets too big for its britches. Maybe we should take the latter two at their word and have them arrested for promoting violence. Keith

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