3 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s jaw-droppingly Dumb Statement

  1. She, along with all the others who spout such things (some more subtly than others, but most Republicans do it,) know exactly what they’re doing. They know. For some reason, they think we can’t see them. We have to act civicly, and we have to get out the vote and vote ourselves.
    Bless Texas Paul.

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    1. Hello Ali. For people like Marge Greene, she is a troll. A thug. A person in high school that was proud she was not getting good grades and was a mean girl. She is all about not making things better but one upping someone else. She has no ideas about improving things and doesn’t want to, she wants to tear down others to make herself look better in her own small group. She is appealing to that small group, just like those immature kids in the out group who says something stupid mocking others and acting like they were so smart and bright. That is her. And a few of the people in congress who are just like her. Somehow with gerrymandered safe districts she got enough dumb people like her to vote her into office. I really hate what the Republicans have done to this country. Hugs

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