LOL ~ Sorry Elon, not a new idea …

Oh my sweet cats. This video is from 1958 and they had the idea of things we are being sold as great new tech for today. This video starts slow but get past that to see the use of small gas motors to power electric drives, modern cruise controls sensors, key fobs instead of keys and so much more. Ten Bears is correct, we are not looking to the future as they did, instead we are using what they thought the future could be. Why are we no longer doing that? Why are our people not looking to what could be in 20 or 40 years? Has greed become so powerful that only that which makes money now worth pursuing? Are we at the pinnacle of our human experiment? I was stunned by this video. Thanks, Ten Bears for sharing. Hugs

Homeless on the High Desert

It’s the twenty-first century (pig era) … come up with something new

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14 thoughts on “LOL ~ Sorry Elon, not a new idea …

    1. Hello Roger. I think of the money that corporations spent with no expectation of return profit to come up with possible grand new products or ideas. The best times this country had were when the wealthy and corporations paid the largest share of taxes, which they could most easily afford. We had so much promise for the future then. But as you say the future is not thought of so positively when the current day is a struggle to survive for most people. Ron figured out our out of pocket costs for medications and it was over 14,000 last year with insurance. You have to add the monthly premium to that. The news is saying that our medical costs are going up 14.5% next year. In the US profit is king and milking every last cent from the public is normal and the businesses want more. There is not much joy for people in the US, so there is not much looking to a better future. Hell our children are the future and we let them be shot for gun makers / sellers to make more profit. Hugs

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      1. At some stage there comes in every situation of tension a breaking point.
        Either the system itself fails, or the people feeling it does not represent them rejects it. Neither of these events have a universal effect or acceptance.
        On the subject of medical systems our own ‘National Treasure’; The NHS shows dangers of severe failure. Our Benefits (think Wealth Fare) system is over-burdened by cost and inadequate complex computer systems replacing human staff.
        The years ahead require not just folk of strong character, vision and determination, but the willingness of the populations to reject resolution by conflict.
        Take care and best wishes

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              1. ‘Fraid so Scottie, sneaking in though because The NHS is considered the closest thing the UK has to a universally accepted state religion.
                But they will try and continue to sneak the profit strategy in. Private medical services are flourishing in the UK.

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                1. Roger I am sorry to hear that. The quickest way to destroy a health system is to introduce a profit margin into it. Plus it creates a two tier system of the haves and the have nots, where the wealthy can afford healthcare with all the advantages that gives, and the lower class incomes / poor struggle to survive and die early. It takes a country to the early days of the industrial revolution where businesses were unrestrained and capitalism / profit was king. It returns the people to nothing more than profit making work slaves who shouldn’t expect anything more than a constant struggle to survive while the upper class live in luxury off the worker’s labor. What I am trying to say is a for profit health system creates and normalizes a privileged class and an abused class that exists only to serve the privileged. How can that idea still exist in 2022. I am really discouraged.

                  Personal story. Three months ago I went for my scheduled teeth cleaning. The person doing it decided I needed an additional deep cleaning on one section with support from the dentist doctor to administer pain control medication and antibiotics, the cost was going to be $475 dollars. I said no. I pay them about $110 every three months for a cleaning of my teeth. It is all out of pocket. Since then I have fallen into the US Medicaid “donut hole” and I now pay full cost for my medications until I pay over $5,000 more out of pocket when the insurance kicks in again. At the beginning of last month I had to stop taking one of my diabetes medications (Jardiance) because the price for me jumped to $459 dollars a month. So today the tooth cleaning person asked me if she should do the expensive procedure instead of a normal tooth cleaning. I again said no, I told her I couldn’t afford it. She said she would print me a bill for the procedure so I could see that if they just left out the antibiotic part then it would cost less. So she printed out the costs of a procedure that cost $1,200 and discounted that to $780 dollars for not using the antibiotics which was the point of the entire thing. I looked at her stunned. I told her “Look I told you no when it was over $475, and you come back with a cost of $780 and expect me to agree. What is wrong with you”! I told her it wouldn’t happen, so she dropped it. After the procedure that she normal takes an hour that she did in half that this time she told me the next time my cost would increase from $110 to $300 because they had to do X-rays and the doctor wanted to look at my teeth. She followed that up with “If we don’t increase the prices before then” I was angry. I told her I would think about canceling my appointment when it got closer to the time. She shrugged and said OK.

                  In the US businesses / the wealthy do not want the people to have a quality of life including healthcare. First it lets the lower class have things they think only they should have. But second, it cuts into their profits, which is the worst crime.
                  They need a desperate workforce that will accept any small wage for working in the harshest conditions so that the maximum profit can be made. The lives of the chattel that make the profit don’t matter anymore than livestock used until they are unable to create profit and then slaughtered for the last profit they can provide. That is unrestrained capitalism. That is the world that the wealthy are trying to recreate, it is the reality of the past. As I said I am discouraged. Hugs

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                2. Scottie .. I can’t remember … are you over 65? If so, have you looked into any Medicare Advantage programs? Most/many of them have dental coverage. Naturally you have to go to the dentist that they support, but if you qualify, it might be worth considering. Of course, the Medicare sign-up window is closed for this year, but maybe next year? Or maybe none of this pertains to you … ??

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                3. Hello Nan. I am 59. I do not like medical advantage plans because years ago I tried one and it caused trouble with my pain doctors. We are changing our part D medical insurance company this fall. We took one that had a lower monthly premium and a larger out of pocket costs and now that is biting us in the butt. Ron’s doctor has a Medicare insurance company he wants Ron to go to so I will go to the same one. The company we have first said they wouldn’t cover my insulin but now they say they will. It seems they like to claim drugs are not covered until we call them out on it and then they say oh it is covered. But what I really need is a universal single payer healthcare system country wide.

                  But it is not all bad news. I mentioned earlier I put myself on a strict diet, I have eliminated all sweets, all snacks, eat only small meals once or twice a day. For example if I have breakfast it is only 3 or 4 hard boiled eggs. No toast or anything, just the eggs. Then in the late afternoon a supper. I have lost ten pounds, I have much better sugar readings, and I have shrunk both my belly and my stomach. Ron is so impressed. He has tried but cannot do what I am doing. The problem I have is that dieting alone cannot change my weight much nor build up my muscles, I must move / walk / do things but for me that makes my pain levels soar. Hugs


                4. Scottie! I’m so very very proud of you! “Dieting” is NOT easy (Actually, I tend to use the phrase
                  “I’ve changed my eating habits.” 😁) But the results (as you have experienced) can be very much worth it.

                  I think your smartest move was getting away from the sweets. As for regular meals, in my experiences I’ve found I can still eat pretty much the same things (within reason) … but much smaller portions … AND I stop eating before I “feel full.” That last one is the zinger because when something tastes really good, it’s definitely hard to keep from shoveling it in!

                  In any case … CONGRATS!!! Keep it up!

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                5. I am sorry and outraged to read of your experiences Scottie.
                  My wife Sheila, who suffers with IBS, has read of similar experiences from fellow suffers resident in the USA.
                  What has upset her the most is reading fatalistic comments along the lines of ‘My insurance doesn’t cover that treatment,’
                  Health care is an investment in the nation’s future.
                  Simple as that.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. What I don’t understand is Musk’s cult followers that think he personally is coming up with the ideas and products and call him a genius when he is just a business guy con man. And some of the stuff he comes out with is pure stupidity, yet they suck it up. Maybe when this current rendition of humans is extinct and life tries again the next sentient life forms will be a bit smarter and better at working in harmony with the habitat they need to survive. Hugs

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