Freak NRA Member REFUSES To Condemn Slavery In Accordance With His Heritage

The Good Liars comedy duo is back at it again interviewing unsuspecting conservatives at the NRA Convention in Houston, and this time host Jason Selvig asked a man in a Confederate flag shirt if he was pro or anti-slavery. In a shocking turn for some, the man replied with “no comment”, which just means that he is in fact pro-slavery.

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“At the NRA Conference, we asked a guy in confederate flag shirt if he was pro or anti-slavery.”

5 thoughts on “Freak NRA Member REFUSES To Condemn Slavery In Accordance With His Heritage

    1. Hello Roger. I am surprised he did not just belligerently answer the question with a resounding yes pro-slavery. The way things have gotten here in the US the bigots think it is something to be proud of. Hugs

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    I just watched the Beau clip you put on (6/5/22) and the comment that ‘determined-‘ put above, and it has me thinking. Yes, that was the screeching noise you heard…
    I recently spoke with someone I’ve known for years-and it made me realize the question of how much we know anyone. But, he cut loose with a racist statement that I’m sure he thought was simple observation, but it made me realize that I’d heard it before. Just not from him. He was quoting tucker. See, I’m one of those people who pick up accents. Now, first let me tell you, since I’m from Michigan, I don’t have an accent. (My Story!!) But, send me to Georgia and sooner or later I’ll be ‘blessing someon’e heart’.
    And, that, my brother, is the recipe behind the cheesecake: We are hearing this bs from the paranoid make it to the mainstream and suddenly it’s standard truth? Like Determined’ mentioned above, 30 years ago you still had the old lynch era folks alive. They are all supposed to be dead and gone, our country is supposed to be growing. Supposed to be.


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    1. Hello Randy. I often read / hear people respond to anti-LGBTQ+ hate with “We still have to deal with this shit, it is 2022 for dogs sake”! We all thought humanity in the US and the world would have grown up by now, we would have George Jetsons world of ease and near to Star Trek level of future advancement. I really thought as a 20 plus something in the 1980’s the US was headed toward becoming a utopia of equality. I was stupidly naive. As hate built and I seen the gains followed by losses, and as politicians became more popular the more hate they spewed and the more public assistance they took from the needy I felt more and more despair and hopelessness. I live in Florida, and I have seen it go from a liberal paradise to a maga headquarters that is known for the stupidity of the Florida redneck. When I arrived in Florida we had a Democratic government and Democratic congressmen. We had Lawton Chiles who took on the tabaco company and won, giving the state a huge surplus to help the public. Now we have DeathSantis who doesn’t believe in vaccines or masks and thinks saying the word gay makes kids have same sex orgies in school, Rick Scott who wants to cut taxes for the wealthy and raise them for the retired poor, and Rubio who thinks working is for those not in public office, and all that extra money was given away to the wealthy and private companies while the public get less every year. Hugs


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