Let’s talk about time marching on and a secret I kept for thirty years….

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about time marching on and a secret I kept for thirty years….

    1. Hello Roger. I agree. I was one of the ones that thought the US wouldn’t elect a black man such as President Obama. I thought after he was elected I thought I was very wrong and the country had finally got over racism. Then the wealthy created a movement called the Tea Party that the media gave all the airtime possible too without mentioning the wealthy right wing funding behind it, which was designed to attack Obama constantly. The media never mentioned until years later that the Republican leaders in congress felt that crashing the country was acceptable to destroy the first black man president so there couldn’t ever be a second one. Keeping white rule was that important to them. It was stunning to me how fast the Republicans racist rose up, claiming every evil that would destroy the country was due to that first black man President. The thing that broke me though was when the US military, the beloved institution of the right wing, was accused of doing a well planned out years in advance exercise in Texas that these old racist Republicans now suddenly claimed was to round up white gun owners and imprison them in deserted Walmart stores. I watched an old white guy stand up on national TV and tell a Col. of the Army that he was a liar and that the white guy did not believe him when he explained to the audience that the exercise was a military training exercise only. That was the level of hate the Republicans had been able to gin up in the US against a black president. It scared me. I knew then that the right racist haters were plotting a huge surge to make a comeback, and they got it with the clearly racist tRump.

      Racism never went away in the US, it was just tamped down, denied oxygen to flourish, it was slowly being exterminated. But the right wing big money of old time white supremacist managed to resurrect it and fuel it to the point where we are today. It is going to get bloody in the US because we only have two major political parties and one of them is pushing hard on racism and bigotry in order to keep their shrinking base energized enough to put them back in power so they can end democracy and take over completely. The other side doesn’t see this, my side, and half the population doesn’t vote. So me and my husband are keeping plans to flee the country as refugees when the system collapses. Hugs

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      1. It is a said measure of the times Scottie that I do not think you and your husband are being alarmist.
        Normally the ones making the power grabs hold all the cards.
        But they do not hold all the guns, nor all the access to the dark skill sets of terrorism.
        Also to the Money said.
        The Money in 1930s Germany thought it could control The Nazis.
        The Mob mentality pulls the strings now.

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