Man Gets Life In Fatal Attack On MN Health Clinic

Law & Crime reports:

Jurors convicted a man of murder and other charges after hearing him testify that he shot up a Minnesota health clinic. Gregory Paul Ulrich, 69, will get a mandatory sentence of life in prison for the homicide in a hearing scheduled for June 17.

Medical assistant Lindsay Overbay, 37, died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen, with the round passing through her liver and spine before exiting out her back. Four other clinic staffers survived getting shot.

Authorities said there were years of build up, as Ulrich engaged in threats and homicidal ideation against local healthcare providers.

Minneapolis’s CBS News affiliate reports:

He told the court he has been experiencing pain since 2016 after a surgery addressing scoliosis. He said he was given two months of pain medication, and was then cut off for refills despite persistent and unbearable pain.

He said he asked over 50 medical professionals to help with his pain, and after being denied he sent letters to law enforcement, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former President Donald Trump.

The state showed a video Urlich made a little more than a month before the shooting, where he says to the camera, “Grab your f—ing pistol. Go down there and kill as many nurses as you can.” In the video, he says he’s “saving all seniors” who are living in pain.


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