Missouri Senate candidate says he’ll force Biden to replace Kamala Harris with Trump — then resign


Missouri Senate candidate says he'll force Biden to replace Kamala Harris with Trump — then resign
Rep. Billy Long (campaign website).

On Thursday, Rep. Billy Long (R-MO), a candidate for Senate in Missouri and an avid promoter of election conspiracy theories, put forward a bizarre new plan on Twitter for how he will get former President Donald Trump reinstated to office.


Specifically, he said that he will get Vice President Kamala Harris to resign, have President Joe Biden appoint Trump as vice president in her place, and then have Biden himself resign, putting Trump first in line to ascend to the presidency.

He did not specify how any of the steps of this would work, including how he would get Harris or Biden to resign or how he would persuade Biden to choose Trump as his vice president.

Long, who worked as an auctioneer before being elected to Congress, has a history of controversial behavior. Earlier this week, he blamed mass shootings on women having abortion rights. He also issued a campaign ad that was removed from YouTube for promoting conspiracy theories about the 2020 election being stolen.

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This comes as several other Republicans vie for the open Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Roy Blunt.

One of the candidates who has attracted the most attention is Eric Greitens, the former governor who resigned amid a sexual assault scandal, and who more recently has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife.

This is what passes as quality Republican candidates, completely delusional and divorced from reality.  Hugs

6 thoughts on “Missouri Senate candidate says he’ll force Biden to replace Kamala Harris with Trump — then resign

    1. Hello Nan. It is scary how fast defunding and trying to dumb down public schools has worked. We have one of the easiest to manipulate populations ever. I read yesterday that 79% of Republicans think that Biden is illegitimate and that tRump really won the 2020 election. That number has increased greatly since the election. Damn, how do we deal with a major political party where the majority of the members lack the ability to understand reality? How do we fix this? Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. Nan I would love to do that but please read the rest knowing that I agree with you but have no way to get there in the US system.

          OK While I would love that I wonder what would happen if the government had more control over what could be broadcast than they do. I remember the strict standards of the 1950 /1960 / where two people in the same bed couldn’t be shown and later any positive representation of gays was illegal. I don’t want to go back to that. What would tRump ban if he was still in office? We know that not only does Russia filter all the news the people get now, but to disagree with the state position is punished with 15 years in prison. Same with other authoritarian countries.

          So to ban stations like Fox how do we get around the 1st Amendment of government not being able to restrict speech (even though the government clearly restricts or outlaws a lot of speech and or video representation, for example it is illegal to own drawings of children in sexual situations, drawings not real kids. So the government has the power to restrict speech for the public good.) But even worse, what about the online rabid right wing such as Blaze’s Glen Beck’s far right news channel, the many right wing news sites that are all lies like Breitbart, shows like Ben Shapiro and Prager U both just two hard right wing video channels paid by right wing billionaires to spread misinformation and misleading right wing propaganda. What the hell do we do to stop the flood of lies, hate, misinformation, and right wing indoctrination? The internet has seen such a flood of hard right never seen before flood of hate and bigotry to sway the lower educated or even those just asking questions. I have seen videos of normal kids who get swept up int eh right wing bullshit and start believing it.

          So do we give the government the power to pull the plugs on any site we do not agree with? We know they keep trying to shut down child porn and they fail at that. For every site they take off ten more show up from what I read. Sadly that is because it seems there is big profit in it. I would love to shut down those sites, right wing hate sites, all the misinformation / disinformation web sites. But will ten more just appear. In West Palm Beach we lived next door to this old man who was once a powerhouse in the art’s community, he was a worldwide famous opera singer. Each week he would leave the most bigoted racist pamphlets on our doorstep that one of his wealthy politically connected buddies put out. That was before the internet. Now it is on the internet.

          My point Nan is not that your suggestion is not wrong, just that if you remove Fox from cable it will just pop up online and elsewhere. We need a solution that reduces the demand for that filth, just as we need a way to remove the demand for child sexual abuse. Hugs


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