MTG Claims That Only “Christian Nationalism” Can Stop School Shootings And “Domestic Terrorist Democrats”

Here is Marge Greene saying the quiet part out loud again.  Push a Christian national state, a theocracy.   Religious freedom for white Christians only.    Yes white, because you know these people are big time die hard racists.   Hugs

“If Christian nationalism is something to be scared of, they’re lying to you. And they’re lying to you on purpose because that is exactly the temperature change that is happening in America today and they can’t control it. They can’t control it and that’s what terrifies them the most.

“You see, if we’re going to label it Christian nationalism, this movement will actually be the movement that stops the school shootings. This will be the movement that stops the crime in our streets.

“This will be the movement that stops the sexual immorality and teaches children and brings them up in traditional families and loving homes.

“This will be the movement that protects kids’ innocence and nurtures them into responsible adults that grow up to be successful moms and dads wanting to pursue a family of their own.

“This will be the movement that finally does something about our debt, because that’s something that all of us should be ashamed of. It should have never happened.

“This will be the movement that cares about broken and lost communities, communities that are always forgotten about. Christians should never forget about those people and we don’t.

“So while the media is going to lie about you and label it Christian nationalism and they’re probably going to call it domestic terrorism, I’m gonna tell you right now, they’re the liars.

“And if anybody is a domestic terrorist, it’s the radical left. They’re the domestic terrorists.

“We can even say the Democrats are domestic terrorists because they funded them and they burned down our cities’ streets and rioted in 2020.

“So if we’re going to put labels on people, we should put labels where they appropriately belong.

“Not on Christians and not on people who love their country and want to take care of it.” – Notorious adulteress and self-proclaimed Christian Marjorie Taylor Greene, on her daily live-streaming show.


Friday • 18 hours ago

Christofascist terrorist says the solution to Christofascist terrorism is more of the same, until their fringe minority rules everyone and shoots kids more.

Barry William Teske • 18 hours ago • edited

She does a really, really, good ‘angry* preacher in the pew’ cosplay.

You are a sinner.
You are a sinner.
You are all sinners.

She obviously hoards nails and crosses.

*Anger is not what spiritual beliefs are, or ever were about.

Yet they wonder why the mass attendance, the thankful respect, and the plates full
of tithing once shown them, is no longer.

Franciscan • 18 hours ago

Oh, she doesn’t like her groups to be called domestic terrorists. You’d think she would be honored.

mythictom • 18 hours ago

Can’t she just go back to adultering with creepyass sex gurus?

HomerTh • 18 hours ago

Yesterday there was a mass shooting in a parking lot of a church. So why didn’t this diseased bitch’s Christian Nationalists stop that. Or their make-believe Jesus.

When I hear someone is a Christian nowadays I immediately think they are a fucking piece of stupid shit.

Dolphm • 19 hours ago

Any “Christian” movement is going to run into trouble when people from the many different Christian sects have to agree on what Christian principles and values are! Think about many Baptist sects there are now, and how many new splinter groups will there be in five years.

I once attended a ceremony where a friend was ordained as a deacon in a splinter group of the Anglican church in America. A Jewish friend leaned over during the ceremony and asked me to explain the difference between the group our friend (a retired Methodist minister) had joined and the Anglican church in England. I told her to think about how there were basically Orthodox Jews and Reformed Jews, and then there were a lot of Jews who were somewhere in between, depending on the issue of the day. She understood immediately.

Happy_Housewife • 20 hours ago

Sure Marge. Christian Nationalism is sweeping the nation as the churches are emptying out, and the number of atheists/agnostics is at an all-time high.

But I’ll hand the cunt this: She and the other shitty people hiding behind Christianity are going a great job helping kill it off.

Priya Lynn • 20 hours ago

“We can even say the Democrats are domestic terrorists because they funded them and they burned down our cities’ streets and rioted in 2020.”

What Democrats did over George Floyd was trivial compared to Republicans attacking Congress to try and overthrow the government. Right wing terror attacks like Timothy McVeigh are common in the U.S. while left wing terror attacks are virtually unheard of.

Democrats love peace, Republicans like you are trying to start a war against liberals.

TrollopeReader • 20 hours ago

Dear MTG (ps) .. how do you reconcile “Christian Nationalism” with the First Amendment?

Original 13 Colonies / states:

MA: Puritan / Congregationalist
CT: Congregationalist
PA: Quaker
MD: Catholic
VA: Anglican (Episcopalian)
..let alone all sorts of other denominations .. and those funky early presidents who wrote letters to Jewish synagogues and signed treaties with mooslims that the United States was NOT a Christian nation …

tbj5 • 20 hours ago

“We can’t ban guns because crime will still happen”

“We should ban liberal, non-Christian teaching because that will stop all the crime”

Mihangel apYrs • 20 hours ago

It seems the Rethug nuts propose these seemingly stupid suggestions, only to have them adopted by the mainstream Repigs

3 thoughts on “MTG Claims That Only “Christian Nationalism” Can Stop School Shootings And “Domestic Terrorist Democrats”

  1. Sorry, Marge. Wrong again. Instituting “Christian Nationalism” is not going to change anything. All it’s going to do is allow “believers” to be more open about their “faith.” The “infidels” are still going to do what comes naturally.

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    1. Hello Nan. And so will the believers who are doing all the same things in private that the infidels are doing publicly. Look at the never ending church scandals, and the human body has needs that even claiming that god is watching doesn’t take away. The rabid religious right tries to pretend that they are not human just like the rest of us, that they don’t have the same body needs the rest of us do, that somehow they are superior to “regular normal” humans. People are people, some are going to break the rules no matter who makes the rules, some are going to be jerks and assholes regardless if they pray to a deity or not. There are decent faithful and there is rabid hate preachers. Same god, both are human, greatly different actions. But nothing keeps some people happier than looking down on others. Hugs

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      1. Of course the devoted and pious have ‘da lawd to call on when they’re tempted. Now whether that changes anything is highly doubtful … as you say, bottom line, they are still human.

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