Matt Walsh Is Playing Dumb For Money

Does anyone remember Tildeb trying to claim that “Every biologist agrees that male  / female are determined by Gametes”?  I showed that it was clearly wrong.   Now I know where that comes from.   Hard right anti-LGBTQ+ dogma.  ***   Edited because I got the information wrong.  Thanks to Lilly who let me know I was wrong in the nicest manner I have ever been corrected.   Matt Walsh did not do these things to his own child, instead he has championed Jeff Younger who did do these things.  Matt Walsh does talk about this story and issue constantly in his crusade against trans people and his hate for trans genderism.  ***     Matt Walsh champions Jeff Younger who put his own child in the way of suicide to try to deny them their gender identity.    Jeff Younger has been in years long court battles with his female spouse who has custody of the child and is a pediatrician.   Jeff Younger has been so abusive to the child the court has stopped allowing him to have visitation with her.   Jeff Younger violated every court order to let the child socially transition including taking the child to have her hair cut very short against a court order to do that very thing, forcing her to wear pants and male oriented clothing, throwing out any of her female clothing, forbidding her and punishing her if she used female pronouns or her female chosen name.   Then when Jeff Younger lost more and more in court he pushed the rabid right wing maga crowd on his wife and child after three different child gender specialists agreed the child should be allowed to socially transition.   Jeff Younger is more than rabid; he is totally abusive to the ex-wife and the child. 

Matt Walsh is also rabid against trans people and the idea of being trans at all.  He really has rage on this topic.   He seems driven.  This where that idea of gametes comes from.    So to those who think that Tildeb was an honest participant in the discussions on trans people, this sets the record correct.  Remember Matt Walsh is not a doctor nor biologist, he just plays one in his mind.  Everything I on gamete and biology said turns out correct.    Hugs

Matt Walsh is garbage.

John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report. Read more here: Matt Walsh used trans people’s Instagrams in his transphobic documentary—it’s already sending hate their way…

“A transgender man says that Matt Walsh is using his image without permission for a transphobic documentary. He also says that Twitter refused to remove the trailer for the documentary in which his photo appears.

The Daily Dot previously reported that Walsh was behind a fake company duping trans people into being interviewed for a documentary. Walsh tweeted the trailer for that documentary, What is a Woman?, on May 14. The right-wing site Walsh works for, the Daily Wire, produced it.

In a follow-up tweet, Walsh added that they intentionally chose to release the documentary on the first day of Pride Month.

Walsh is a conservative figure who often attacks people who don’t conform to his ideas of what comprises the proper expression of gender and sexuality. This year he’s been on a mission, in his words, to wage “an all out assault on gender ideology.”

To that end, he’s been working on an obviously insincere documentary that critics say will incite further transphobia in which he “investigates” how to define “woman.” Soon after Walsh released the trailer for What is a Woman?, a friend told Steph Kyriacou that it includes an image of him.”

4 thoughts on “Matt Walsh Is Playing Dumb For Money

  1. I’ve never heard any of the claims in the first paragraph before, about his child’s gender identity and custody issues with his wife. Do you have an additional source for it? I feel like people ought to know this when discussing him.

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    1. Hello Lilly. Thank you for asking me. I will have to correct that first paragraph. Walsh did a podcast on Jeff Younger who violated the court orders and did all the stuff in the first paragraph. Walsh has talked about the case so often I really thought it was about him, he takes it so personally. I got the impression he was talking about himself.
      But I looked up the case and they names are different. If anyone is interested in the horribleness if the Younger case and what this man did to his own child against the advice of every doctor who said the child was trans and should be allowed to transition and the courts that agreed, I leave a link to another story on it from vox. Hugs

      Thank you again for bring this to my attention. I do not like to publish false information. Hugs


    2. Hello Lilly. I made the corrections. Could you please look it over and see if I was clear enough in correcting the misinformation? Thank you again for giving me the heads up, I hate it when I give the wrong information. Hugs


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