More Than Half Of The GOP Primary Winners So Far Believe The Big Lie l FiveThirtyEight

Belief that the 2020 election was stolen is now so common among Republican politicians that they’re asked about it in primary debates. Here are some of the candidates in the June 7 primaries who support the Big Lie.

10 thoughts on “More Than Half Of The GOP Primary Winners So Far Believe The Big Lie l FiveThirtyEight

    1. Hello Michael. Incredible how these people who think they are smart enough to be leaders of the people, law makers of the public, are clueless believing a fantasy there is not a shred of proof for. These people think Roger Rabbit is a documentary. Hugs

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  1. I think they pretend to believe ‘the big lie.’ Knowing their voter base, how could they possibly say otherwise? They are Republicans. They prefer terrorism and dead babies over losing an election.

    We know by now there is no guilt or shame in their public lying.

    There will be no substantial gun legislation following Uvalde. It took a long time for the GOP to get us to this point. Every proposal will be fought tooth and nail. What makes sense and what the voting public, liberal and conservative, want have no force. The GOP will do what the Christian nationalists, white supremacists, and the NRA want. No way are they now going to give in to reason. They are one stolen election away from ending democracy and our republic.

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    1. tRump has made a tremendous effort to foster this belief and, as we all know, MANY voters have swallowed it whole. So naturally, the candidates are going to use it to further their personal goals. At its core, it really doesn’t matter if they themselves believe it or not because ALL that’s important is the “fame and fortune” that comes with holding a political office..

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    2. Hello Cagjr. I think a lot of them do believe it. They consume only one version of their facts from a lying misdirecting media. They are in a complete echo chamber. I bet some members of congress believe it. I think it is more than wanting to believe the big lie, they have convinced themselves it is real. Hugs


    1. Hello Cagjr. No I missed her testimony. In fact I avoided hearing any of it. It is far too upsetting to me knowing that it is falling on ears deafened by the big money donations. I cannot stand to see the pain paraded for others knowing it won’t help change minds. Hugs


    1. Hello Keith. Yes some in congress have been tricked into admitting that. I think Ron Johnson was tricked into admitting he knew tRump lost. But I do believe a lot of the current hoard of candidates for public office do believe it. They are always tRumpers cult members. I mean look that the ones running for Secretary of State and election supervisor positions, they are true believers who want to make sure tRump wins no matter what next time. Hugs


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