This Freaky Fruit Fly Lays Eggs in Your Strawberries | Deep Look

The spotted wing drosophila may look like a common fruit fly, but it’s so much worse. Just as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are ripening in the field, this fly saws into them and lays her eggs inside. The growing maggots turn the fruit into a mushy mess. Could a wasp and its own hungry maggots save the day?

4 thoughts on “This Freaky Fruit Fly Lays Eggs in Your Strawberries | Deep Look

    1. Hello Jill. 😀😁😄😉 I understand. To me it is just a little bit more education about things I never knew. I really wish I had grown up in the internet age. So much to learn and absorb. it stuns me that so many people use this grand resource to go deep into conspiracy theories and into harmful things like white supremacy. I run out of time each day trying to squeeze in all the wonderful factual / informative / educational stuff, I cannot imagine squandering it. Hugs

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      1. Just let me keep my little strawberry illusions, for I don’t like most fruits and … berries of all sorts are my favourites.

        That said, I so agree with you about the internet. Oh if we had this wealth of knowledge at our fingertips when we were young … why, we would never have slept! The downside, of course, is that so many conspiracy theories and just plain false information sites exist and some people, even people our age, are not able to discern fact from fallacy. Still, like you, I’m thrilled to be able to sit in my chair with a cuppa coffee and a cigarette and learn almost anything … without having to get dressed and drive to the library!!! Hugs

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