THE GUARDIAN: Trump’s forces are preparing for the next storming of the Capitol. This time, they pla n to win

Trump’s forces are preparing for the next storming of the Capitol. This time, they plan to win
The danger to US democracy didn’t end on 6 January – his followers are busy ripping up the safeguards that foiled them, says Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland

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6 thoughts on “THE GUARDIAN: Trump’s forces are preparing for the next storming of the Capitol. This time, they pla n to win

  1. The Republicans are one more step to a repeat of the tragedy of Northern Ireland then. The only difference being they have put a blustering fool at the front. They will be totally unprepared for the backlash because it will come from so many different directions in so many forms the USA will gradually become unworkable.

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    1. Hello Roger. The problem is the right wing is convinced they will win, and win easily. They cannot see any future problems because they are so sure they are correct and that they have the strength. It was stunning to listen to tRump supporters say they know tRump won because he had bigger rallies than Biden during Covid. During a time when Democrats were trying to minimize the gathering of people and their side was not. They also claim there are far more right wing people in the country, but that is not true. Facts mean nothing to these people. So when confronted with a civil war or open rebellion they are all stoked up for it. We are looking at a real possibility of a China type government in the US, a one party rule with an all powerful leader. I don’t know how to counter the effort by the foreign countries that are creating all this hate and misinformation online and in the media. Hugs

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      1. I always maintain Scottie that History can be Harsh, Grim and Cautionary Teacher for the Wise and The Astute.
        Looking through the prism of History and let’s compare China and USA.
        China is arguably and approximately 3,000 years old (tops) and has never known democracy, yet has suffered rebellions, invasions, outright civil wars and conquests (of parts). China has remained her rulers have not, just the style. That’s China, an enigma to the West.
        The USA from its pre-revolutionary starting point is at best 300 years old. It has grown up with notions of independence and ‘liberty’ ingrained. Currently you are seeing the Right Wing shouting out its ideas of those…ie ‘Its Way’.
        USA history indicates that no one gets to impose their views for very long, not in a federal nation with five time zones.
        Oh they can try, they can even let lose their own militias as ‘volunteer police’. They can even be arch-hypocritics and impose ‘gun control’ to try and keep arms with their kind. Here’s the lesson though:
        It does not work. There will low-level terrorisms, insurgencies, ‘no-go areas’, cities and regions being ‘ornery’ and the whole unstable scenario.
        No one can seize and hold the USA as she is now. That’s for works of fiction, tv series and action films.
        Take care you guys.🙏🌹

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        1. Hello Roger. You make a lot of sense to me. I am thinking it through, using the reasoning I ask others to do. Then that dang reason hits a snag. You mention the size of the US. Five times zones. But isn’t China as large? And what about Russia, I cannot remember when it was but I seen maps of a huge Russia taking over what is most of Europe. I am not disagreeing with you; I am agreeing in fact that the way to keep people together is commonality which the North American United States has lacked. We are far too large, stated as far too many different ideas, and simply lack the ability to accept others’ views as OK. So why has China and Russia been able to survive and the US not?

          Wow. I apologize Roger. I just realized I was treating you as a teacher and resource of education rather than a friend sharing information. I should have phrased my questions better in the manner such as “if you don’t mind” or “if you have time”. Sorry if I gave any offence.

          The fact is I did not have much of an education growing up, my childhood was very dystopian. So I tend to take opportunities to learn, to absorb information in ways I can understand very greedy. I tend to treat viable sources of information like treats dispensed on a conveyor belt waiting to be gobbled up as each appears. Please if my questions / replies get too much or too bothersome just let me know. Thanks. Hugs

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          1. Don’t apologise Scottie. Learning’s door swings both ways.
            Like most Welshmen, I rarely use a sentence when a paragraph will do, and then someone asks a question and I think..’Yeah. Good point,’
            History, political and military with a dash of social has always interested me, its tides and its forces; so many lessons to learn.
            It would seem that most nations rise and fall, some go through cycles of it, others just fade away and new ones take their places.
            China and Russia seem the exceptions, at least in the current series of cycles.
            China appears to have this knack of absorbing invaders so they become another line of Chinese hierarchy, finding the systems most useful, until you can’t tell them from the previous rulers. There are rebellions, civil wars but they are either checked on the winners take the system for their own …..I’m still trying to figure that one, having only just started on Chinese history.
            Russia is a brooding place. This vast sea of land which appears to dominate the mindset of the folk. Baking summers and ferocious winters have been the death of many an invader. Turbulent and yet ever suspicious of the outside; I think that’s why it holds together, and why it is never open with others. A place made for Czars, drawing them into its vastness. Surrounding itself with subject and client states as buffers. I maintain folk are not quite accurate when they say Putin’s Russia; the way he acts, looks inwards and responds, more a case of Russia’s Putin.
            Neither of those heritages are in the USA, in fact the opposite, there’s this constant force for independence which won’t hold a large nation together unless everyone is working to one cause, Liberal, Tolerant, Open-Minded. Which they are not.
            This is hurting to write, The USA was always my adopted land (flaws and all) and yet History suggests its time is coming to an end. I wish it were not so.
            Take care Scottie my good friend and hope I am finally proven wrong

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