Catholic Group Launches “Hide The Pride” Campaign To Check Out LGBTQ-Related Books From Public Libraries

Notice this is not about their kids, it is about regulating what other people’s kids can see / read.   They are trying to force their views on other people’s children, trying to force other parents to follow their church doctrines.   Your freedom as a parent to decide what your child should be able to read or have access to is being removed by a religious group.  It is about forcing the public to follow the doctrines of a religion in a secular country.  These people claim it is about protecting children, but their group is responsible for the largest mass molestation of children ever!  So they claim the LGBTQ+ are dangerous for kids, that the LGBTQ+ are molesting kids, but again their very group has the largest know child abuse instances.  Don’t we need to take away all books about these people, the religious groups, the Catholic church.   Hide the churches and don’t let them be mentioned in schools.  Plus one last thing when it comes to books with sexual improprieties they bible is the worst.   Incest is rampant, sex with little girls, sex with concubines, approval of prostitutes and so much more.   I think this short article is something all people who claim the bible says one man / one woman is the only way should read.  How is this a moral guide that children should be forced to read?   Hide this book from kids before you go after LGBTQ+ books.    Hugs

The Hill reports:

A controversial conservative Catholic organization is urging parents to “Hide the Pride” during Pride Month — by checking out any LBGTQ-related books they see at their local libraries so that no children will see them.

The group, Catholic Vote, says “recent polls” show “American moms and dads do not want their children exposed to sexual and ‘trans’ content as part of their education.”

The group says parents can inconspicuously check out materials and place them away from children at home.

From Catholic Vote’s press release:

Catholic Vote’s Hide the Pride parental resource page includes step-by-step instructions and tips for parents who want to send that message to their local library board.

After collecting signatures on a letter to the library board, members of the public will go to the library, find the “Pride Month” display full of LGBTQ books targeted at kids, and simply check out all those books at the front desk.

Catholic Vote recommends participants take a friend or two along so multiple library cards can be used. Having emptied the children’s “Pride” display, parents can go home and “place the Pride books on a shelf out of reach of children,” Catholic Vote suggests.

RELATED: Longtime JMG readers will recall Catholic Vote as the home of former NOM communications director Thomas Peters, who famously battled the hate group for insurance coverage after a diving accident left him a quadriplegic. Peters, who helped lead NOM’s campaign against Obamacare, later admitted that his treatment was being covered, in part, by…..Obamacare. Catholic Vote last appeared on JMG in January 2016, when they issued a lengthy rant against Trump, calling him a womanizing loser who had opened a “sinful” titty bar in one of his casinos.

Uncle Mark’s ugly face returns • 2 hours ago • edited

Fine. Now excuse me, while I properly reorganize all the Bibles into the fiction section of my libraries.

Makoto Uncle Mark’s ugly face returns • 2 hours ago

Indeed. Unlike these idiots, who want to hide information away, I actually want people to read bibles and other religious works of all sorts. But they should be properly categorized.

Caitlyn Haiku Makoto • an hour ago

If they actually read what’s in there, tons of violence, sex, genocide, slavery, etc. But to the religious zealots, it’s much more scary to see a kids book whose message is that some families have two mommies, or that some people are different from them and that’s ok.

Vidrax • 2 hours ago • edited

“Oh, there’s a higher demand for LGBTQIA+ books than we anticipated. Let’s order more of those!”

Gigi • 2 hours ago

I guess the Luddites haven’t heard about The Internet. Everything’s available online now, you fools.

I’ll get Adam & Steve to tell them. 🏳️‍🌈


Reality.Bites Gigi • 2 hours ago

It’s interesting that Adam and Eve (or Adam and Steve) are almost invariably portrayed as two white people.

I mean, I guess if you believe in evolution it makes sense that humans evolved from white Christians.

Quentin Jersey • 2 hours ago

The starving poor children in the US??? Nope lets check out queer library books to demonstrate our faith.

Jamieboy Highballs Quentin Jersey • 2 hours ago

I once asked one of those holier than thou shitbaskets “How many kids in our city went to bed last night without enough to eat”? he didn’t know and said he’d “pray for the starving children” while laughing out loud. I nearly preformed a dickarectomy on the spot.

btw, he and his fellow imbeciles were harassing folks going into PP.

TrollopeReader • 2 hours ago

How horrible to spend one’s life trying to destroy people and their lives … rather than something for the good of all.

Phil • 2 hours ago

If you find material in a PUBLIC library objectionable, don’t go there. But don’t assume everyone else finds it objectionable. If you’re concerned about your children mind them more carefully, but don’t hold other people’s children to your standards.

Uncle Mark’s ugly face returns • 2 hours ago

However, the Catholic Church will continue Drag Queen Story Hour throughout the whole month.

Reality.Bites • 2 hours ago • edited

Who knew that kids today were spending so much time in libraries?

(I mean they DO realize that any kid with a double-digit IQ can get an education in everything LGBTQ in a day through YouTube more complete than most of us have accumulated in a lifetime, right? And that you can’t throw a remote control without hitting a queer character on TV.)

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