Lauren Boebert Prays For President Biden’s Death

Is this the idea of what prayer should be?  Is this the meaning of being a Christian?  I know that some decent good people are Christians or believe the Christian faith, how do they feel about this hijacking of their religion into a tool of complete hate and used to harm others.  As for lifelong faith the fact is Biden has shown his dedication to his faith all his life, and Boebert has only used her professed faith as an attack tool.    When Muslims are accused of a crime the US media demand that the other Muslims stand up and denounce the bad ones.  Will Christians do that with members of their own religion?     Hugs

Newsweek reports:

A video of Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert saying she prays that President Joe Biden’s days are few has gone viral on social media.

Speaking on Saturday at the Charis Christian Center Family Camp Meeting in Colorado, where she was a guest speaker, the Republican politician referred to bible verse Psalms 109:8 as she spoke about the 79-year-old Biden, much to the delight of the crowd.

“I do want you to know that I pray for our president,” Boebert said. “Psalm 109:8 says, ‘May his days be few and another take his office.’ Loud cheers can then be heard from the crowd and Boebert takes a pause and smiles before saying “Hallelujah”.

Read the full article.

Longtime JMG readers will recall that Psalm 109, known as an “imprecatory prayer,” was regularly used by Christians against President Obama.

The Christian site Got Questions notes that such prayers are meant to “invoke evil upon or curse one’s enemies.”

Psalm 109 reads, in part:

Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow. Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places. Let the extortioner catch all that he hath; and let the strangers spoil his labor. Let there be none to extend mercy unto him: neither let there be any to favor his fatherless children.



Gustav2 David Snyder • 39 minutes ago • edited

Should we burn the witch? /s

Elagabalus • an hour ago

And to think some people wonder why so many people are leaving churches in droves.

Joe in NM • 44 minutes ago

Nice “family” group ya got there. And these fucks are worried about drag queens corrupting children?

Gustav2 • 41 minutes ago • edited

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

Matthew 7:12

Tiger Quinn • 33 minutes ago

They are pushing violence more every day. They WILL kill some of us before the Election, make no mistake.

KoryMarbles • 36 minutes ago

It is funny that nobody ever asks her about her POLICY positions. She is only interested in media attention.

jeffg166 KoryMarbles • 30 minutes ago

Being a media whore is what passes for policy today.

Gregory In Seattle • 40 minutes ago

And then these idiots wonder why Americans are becoming less religious: it is because of examples of Christian love that she and oh, so very many people are all too happy to promote.

14 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert Prays For President Biden’s Death

    1. Hello Michael. I cannot imagine how this plays in other countries. Praying for the death of a democratically elected president. But this is from the party that hates democracy because they crave power. Hugs


  1. I call for the removal of Ms. Boebert from the United States House of Representatives. Anybody who could make such a horrible comment about the PRESIDENT of the country should NOT have a seat in Congress! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. It shows how they feel about democracy! They crave power and democracy has blocked them from getting it. She doesn’t care that the voters voted Biden in, she wants the power in her party’s hands. But why? She doesn’t plan to help the people with it. They don’t plan to help the country; they are voting against things that would help now. They want the power to make more money for themselves. Total self interests. She is under several investigations for tax fraud and campaign violations, those investigations will go away if her party wins this fall. Hugs

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      1. You’re spot on, my friend. I very much fear we are headed toward an autocratic government and that some … maybe many … do not understand fully what that would be like. Boebert and Greene, Gaetz and a few others are airheads, so I can write them off, but there are others, more serious-minded, intelligent people, who strive to increase their own power and step on us ‘little people’ in the process, and those are the ones that worry me. Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. Thank you. Did you see the Texas Paul video about Boebert jumping out of her vehicle in fear of her own harm, leaving her child, sister-in-law, and someone else to face death because she bailed? I cannot tell if she was a coward about getting hurt or wanted someone in that vehicle to die? Hugs

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          1. I had not seen it until I read this comment earlier this afternoon, then I did watch it. My jaw dropped at Boebert’s utter disregard for not only her sister-in-law, but for her own son!!! There isn’t an ounce of humanity in that ‘woman’! Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. I am not of the mindset to tell someone they are or are not a Christian. Because I am an atheist. But there is the no true Scotsman argument to talk about here. I have argued with people that claimed that despite the evidence that Hitler was not a Christian. There was a Pastor Wild who came often to Ark and Nan’s blogs to argue and one of his arguments was that Hitler not a Christian because he did not follow the rules to be Christian under Pastor Wilds definition of the word. But that seems wrong to me. I feel this way about what people claim to be. If you declare yourself to be something, you walk the walk of that thing, and you talk the talk of that thing, then why would someone who doesn’t like you be able to say you are not that thing? I think back to how many gay kids were told it was a phase, they were not gay they were only confused, that they groomed / molested that way so could be changed … and so on. Do we now say that is correct?

      Roger you are a Christian and I am not. I cannot tell you who is a member under your big umbrella or not, but if someone tells me they are a Christian shouldn’t I believe them? Thanks. Hugs

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      1. This is one of these thorny areas Scottie where if a person has a belief and sees it being misused then they should feel confident to take a stand.
        I am a very imperfect Christian, and usual break a least one Commandant a day, thus do not feel my beliefs make me better than those who do not hold to them. (This is where acts such as Confession, Repentance and Penance come in, The New Testament gives sound words to meditate on the acts).
        Now I get into deep, so bear with me
        What I do object to is seeing the teachings of My Lord Jesus Christ (who died for our sins) being taken out of context to spread Intolerance and Hate to suit a very narrow view.
        Thus I felt confident in using those words as an accusation and a dismissal of their comments….
        Actually I should have been less passionate and more nuanced and said ‘These are not the views preached by Jesus in any of The Gospels’….but I let my Celtic temper get the better of me….and broke another commandment…..
        My advice Scottie is if a person claims to be Christian but is not preaching Compassion, Tolerance and Respect be wary of them. Also most of us who are trying to be following the faith, know we are not being perfect and have to keep working on it!

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        1. Hello Roger. Thank you so very much for sharing what seems very personal to you. I won’t pretend to understand the depth of your feelings on some of this as I am not a believer. What I am trying to say in my own way is I respect and value your input on the subject. But at the risk of seeming to ask the same question again. Does anyone have the right to tell someone they are not of the faith / religion they claim they are? Especially if the person doing the questioning is an atheist or of a different faith? As I said before if someone says they are an XXX faith / religion who am I to say “No, you are not”! Best wishes. Hugs

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          1. Only to happy to exchange views Scottie.
            Stepping back, the problem with having a belief be it religious, political or social is knowing when to ‘put the brakes on’. To realise you are not trying to put a convincing argument but are instead haranguing someone, and then, if not careful despising them. I know I am frequently guilty of this in the political arena.
            Now when it comes to religion, as I see it (heretically no doubt). God (Supreme Being) put in a system to create Humanity; the Children.
            An attentive parent of a few children will tell you they are all quite different and have to be treated in different ways. Right? Thus God in Their Wisdom gave us ‘The Message’ to various ways. Thus all belief systems as long as they stick to Compassion. Respect. Tolerance. Humility (which most do at the basics) are therefore valid. It, therefore, is not for me to tell another of any other Faith is say ‘You Are Wrong’. Who am I to challenge God on this matter….. This of course is heresy (Like I cared, I’ll square with God ‘when my time comes’ 🙂) . Thus unless folk are preaching Intolerance and Disrespect and Hate, I cannot go against them. It is not God’s teaching.
            Oddly enough in the UK where Atheism has a stronger hold, I can encounter folk who as atheists will lecture me about how intolerant religion is and yet deny me any right to have my beliefs….The mirror image of some of the Evangelical wings in the USA.
            Across all the lines it comes down to Compassion. Respect. Tolerance (and Humility), those should be the base lines.
            Take care Scottie. Best wishes to you and yours.

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            1. Roger, I appreciate your perspective and tolerance. However, I do wonder why people think they need an unseen supernatural entity to help them “live right.” There are multitudes of people who are what you would probably call atheists or non-believers and yet they are the kindest, most generous and loving people that you could ever meet. By the same token, there are those who “believe” who treat others as though they are the “scum of the earth.”

              What I’m getting at is that humans by nature are simply going to be what they are. To contend that we need an otherworldly entity to demonstrate “Compassion, Respect, Tolerance (and Humility)” is, to me, a weak line of reasoning.

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              1. Fair comment and outlook Nan, and if folk see the world thus and find “Compassion, Respect, Tolerance (and Humility)”, then I’ve no problem with them. Let it be.
                Speaking personally, having always had this outlook which is a sort of ‘Why? How? …Thus,’
                Being brought up in a very moderate Christian and having a fascination in Cosmology (not Astrology) and other branches of science I eventually reached a place where belief, knowledge and personal reasoning all melded together. My own personal ‘Of course. That’s how it works. Supreme Being. Complex Sciences. Never-Ending Cosmos. Not knowing the full answers…(even better, knowing everything would be no fun).’
                Now that’s me. Take it or leave it.
                Thus the rest follows. I am in my place in the whole of Creation – Cosmos, Quantum and Theism all one perfect blend. And no doubt infuriatingly heretical to some. Too bad.
                Content and confident (as any Human can be). For no one can take me to a place in the Universe where God should be and say ‘Look. God is not there,’
                My only issue is with the ‘It’s All In God’s Plan’ response to the suffering in Wars, Famine etc. I don’t buy into that.
                So here I am.
                Best wishes to you Nan.
                Keep safe.

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