Tempers flare as Lee County Republican Party members attempt school board takeover

This is the county I live in.  As I said before Florida is a divided state, but the minority Republican party try to rule it by force of intimidation, gerrymandering, and voter suppression.   The Republican party under DeathSantis is a gang of thugs.  We are very much in a dangerous time in the US and it looks like the republican media arm of rabid right misinformation / misdirection will convince the people angry at gas prices and inflation that it is Biden’s fault.  The truth is both inflation and price increases are worldwide, and a lot of the price increases is price gouging.  Oil companies admit they love rolling in the profits.   But notice that these elections are supposed to be non-partisan and focused on the needs of the students, but instead the republicans are trying to gain control to make it about election power.    Hugs 

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Some members of the Lee County Republican Party openly admitted they’re trying to take over the Lee County School Board during the upcoming elections.

That’s despite the fact the races in Florida are non-partisan. If you’ve seen the school board meetings over the last two years you know they’ve been contentious and at times violent.

But that isn’t stopping Republicans from trying to control the school board.

Conservative Republican Political Consultant Terry Miller pointed out that there are seven members of the school board and only three are republican in a county where every partisan race is held by a Republican.


He admits he wants to overhaul the board.

“What I’m doing is bringing forward conservative leadership for a conservative community,” Miller said.

He didn’t deny he was helping wage a culture war campaign

“There are aspects of that in the culture war because of the things you see happening on the school board,” Miller responded.

He’s backing Conservatives like Dan Severson.

“I’m talking about gender grooming and talking about very sensitive issues that should be family based,” Severson was stressing LGBTQ issues.

Many LGBTQ students in Southwest Florida schools reported feeling under attack.

“Because they feel like victims now they have the ability to use that a leverage to get privileged treatment,” Severson responded.

Jason “Big Mamma” Jones said no one should be attacked or bullied in the school system no matter who they are.

Jones is Severson’s republican competitor known fondly as “Big Momma” on the radio.

“I’m endorsed by sheriff Carmine Marceno. I’m endorsed by the Hispanic vote and I’m endorsed by Mayor Devin Anderson of Fort Myers,” he noted.

Both of his endorsements are republicans which signifies a split in the party.

They’re trying to unseat incumbent Debbie Jordan who believes school board races should be non-partisan and the focus should always remain on the children and not politics.

“It is a non-partisan race but there are different ways of achieving things and for me it’s following the conservative mind set,” replied candidate Sam Fisher.

Fisher is another one of Miller’s candidates who is up against two other republicans.

Kathy Fanny is also running for school board and she stressed politics has no place in the school race and she wants party affiliation left out of it.

“The curriculum is not partisan and to make it so would under serve our school population,” Fanny said.

All of the openly republican candidates also said they support electing the next school superintendent.

That is an issue voters will decide in November.

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