Anti-LGBTQ Arizona Extremist Ethan Schmidt Arrested After Menacing Attendees Of Gun Reform Rally

The Hill Reporter reports:

Ethan Schmidt, a friend of Arizona MAGA candidate Kari “KKKari” Lake, was arrested on an outstanding warrant on Sunday in Mesa.

Schmidt showed up at a March For Our Lives rally with an assault weapon. Then, he found out what happens when you show up at an anti-gun rally with an assault weapon.

This is the same fine person who said he’d be “hunting LGBT supporters” at Target stores during Pride Month and also has been filmed harassing Black Lives Matter protesters.

Read the full article.


The nature of the outstanding warrant is unclear.

Schmidt previously appeared on JMG when he harassed cancer patients at a wig store for wearing masks.

In January, he was banned from the Arizona Capitol after harassing a black lawmaker, saying that his mask was a “slave muzzle.”

In February, he earned national headlines when he berated store employees for selling Black History Month items.

Earlier this month he was detained after his group harassed abortion rights protesters and his accomplice was arrested for assault.

According to the Tucson Sentinel, Schmidt is currently awaiting trial for DUI. In a video posted to Reddit, Schmidt can be seen flaunting his ankle monitor.


Tomcat • 10 hours ago

Just how many red flags do law enforcement need before they lock this guy up for a long time and have him mentally evaluated.

What, me worry? Tomcat • 10 hours ago

My question as well. In my opinion, just threatening to hunt people down and shoot them should be a crime. I thought it was. Silly me. I guess they’ll be giving him a $300 bail and give his gun back when they release him.

Lakeview Bob • 10 hours ago

What is most pathetic about people like him and people of his ilk is that he has no ideology except hate. Anything he disagrees with is all about the 2nd amendment and using weapons to take back their lives. They really don’t understand what they are hating. They just threaten against anything they disagree with. Very sad and very republican.

JWC • 8 hours ago

Another dumb fuck who has had stupid hammered into him He has no clue what the second amendment mean but can only parrot ‘second amendment second amendment. These people have always been around but have achieved a high degree legitimacy under X#45 . Lethal confrontation has become an accepted norm

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