TIME: How the ‘MAGA Squad’ Is Building Power to Control the Next Congress

How the ‘MAGA Squad’ Is Building Power to Control the Next Congress
On a Tuesday afternoon in late April, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene walks into the seventh-floor congressional office belonging to Representative Matt Gaetz, settles into a high-backed black leather chair, and fits a pair of headphones over her blonde hair. The taping is about to begin for the 38th episode of Gaetz’s “Firebrand” podcast, and Greene is the high-wattage guest star. Greene has come straight from Dulles Airport, so Gaetz takes a minute to catch her up on today’s topics

Read in TIME: https://apple.news/A03noXR8MTPquh9yDpYOEeQ

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5 thoughts on “TIME: How the ‘MAGA Squad’ Is Building Power to Control the Next Congress

  1. The more I read of their antics and their statements the more it seems to me that this MAGA cabal is nothing more than a cult detached from the reality of The World. The problem being it is a cult with an attractive message to one section of the Country.
    Its rise reminds me of what I read about the KKK’s revival in the 1920s.

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    1. Hello Roger. Yes they may be a cult, but they are true believers with a gang of thugs to support their demands. Those demands are that the rest of us bow to them while living as they tell us to do. Did you notice their list of demands and that they may get them? Impeach Biden, prosecute Dr Fauci and Hillary Clinton. They are demanding the US become a banana republic where the political elite in charge get to use the government against their opponents. To me this is very scary because due to the gerrymandering and voter suppression they are very likely to take over the house. Hugs

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      1. Impeach?
        I don’t recall Hilary Clinton insisting that has she had MORE votes than Trump her supporters should gather in Washington and storm the Whitehouse.
        And since when is doing your duty as did Dr Fauci and President Biden an illegal act.
        I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again, they try and take over the USA in such a clumsy and obviously biased manner they are going to have at best outbreaks of communal violence at worst (for them) a serious insurrection.
        Fools and delusionals of the ‘First’ order.

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