6 thoughts on “BBC News: ‘The Russians said beatings were my re-education’

  1. in a world, where NO freedom of speech, expression, or opinions are, allowed, if our views don’t coincides with the rulers of our separate country, we get silenced. This, is what the world is like right now,

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. You are very correct. I realize I made a mistake simply putting this up as a link. The details of the casual horrors and enjoyment from hurting others needed to be expanded to its own post. Thank you. Hugs

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    1. Oh Wow Roger! When I read that this is what they do to each other, to their own junior members I wondered how they get anyone to join the group and stay in it. How do they have field cohesion for battle when your lives depend on trusting each other? Would you trust people that just sexually tortured or raped you or humiliated you? Would they trust their victims with a loaded gun? I think there would be flat out unfriendly friendly fire in those ranks. Hugs

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      1. I think the idea is to break a person’s spirit so much the idea of resistance no longer occurs to them, and then independent thought..
        It doesn’t make for good armies though, just cannon fodder.
        It was only when the Nazi war machine was deep into the USSR and the top layers of Soviet government realised there had to be seem sort of flexibility that the Red Army became the fearfully effective machine it was.

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