NC Museum Removes Photo Of Two Men Kissing

In the mind of these people gay people not only shouldn’t exist but shouldn’t ever be seen or have rights.  These assholes claim as it is paid for by tax payer money it shouldn’t have gay people represented, well what about all the tax paying gay people who want to see themselves represented in government.  As a gay man why should I support museum art that depicts straight people kissing?    The idea that only right-wing straight ideas have a right to be shown in society is infuriating as it is more than clear there are other people in society.   That is the point of course the right-wing straight people want the rest of us ignored or publicly shamed.  Damn it the SCOTUS has said it is more than OK that a religious organization taking taxpayer money gets to discriminate against gay people who pay those taxes.    I am angry and sick of it.  Hugs

The Charlotte Observer reports:

LGBTQ equality advocates are demanding officials in Gaston County reverse their decision to remove a photo showing two men recently engaged, kissing, from a museum exhibit.

The photograph shows Justin Colasacco and his husband Bren Hipp kissing after Colasacco dropped to one knee and proposed in front of the crowd at the 2019 Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade. They married Oct. 4, 2020.

County Manager Kim Eagle told Gaston County Museum staff to have the photographer submit a replacement picture “that would be more considerate of differing viewpoints in the community.”

Read the full article.

I love how they always frame discrimination against LGBT+ folks as “controversy.” Thanks for treating us like dirt again, media.

Paula • a day ago

Today they remove pictures, tomorrow they remove people.

Gustav2 Paula • a day ago • edited

When I was in middle school (then Jr High) I was sitting with a member of the WWII generation who grimaced and said, “Yuck.” when a Black male kissed a Black female on TV.

Guest Paula • a day ago

It’s like there is now a stampede to show who is most important intolerant of us.

Adam Schmidt Paula • 21 hours ago

They’re saying our existence is a political issue. That we can be denied presence, not access to but merely presence, in the public square.

Ross • a day ago

“that would be more considerate of differing viewpoints in the community.”

By destroying differing viewpoints in the community.

Harley Ross • 18 hours ago

Okay. How about this pic. They’re not kissing.


Len Ricci Ross • a day ago

What ever happened to Freedom of Expression??? Another reason why I won’t spend another tourist dime in the backward state of North Carolina.

‘Til Tuesday 🏳️‍🌈 • a day ago

They also made him remove a pic of a black woman being arrested for protesting a Confederate statue. And you can forget about contacting the County Manager or any of the commission members – the Gaston county’s website is devoid of all names and contact info.

Nic Peterson • a day ago

Supportive of the viewpoint that we not exist at all? That viewpoint?

Tor Nic Peterson • a day ago

Yes. That one. If art catered to the least common denominator, there would be no art.

boobert • a day ago

In other words, “Get back in the closet you faggots!”

Frank McCormick boobert • 21 hours ago

I’ve been hearing this loud and clear for a while.

But as Joe has been documenting, additional voices are literally screaming “line them up against the wall and shoot them in the head”.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

5 thoughts on “NC Museum Removes Photo Of Two Men Kissing

  1. I understand your anger … but consider this. The black people have been putting up with this for years and years and years. The only difference is you folks are now the pariahs-of-the-day.

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    1. Oh, Nan, I’m sure you’ve just momentarily forgotten that gay people have existed for as long as black people-any people-have existed, when you wrote that. I’m certain you recall Bayard Rustin, as an example of the convergence of the two communities you refer to, but he doesn’t come up often in these modern days. I still love your blog, and I hope this comes across with the respect and general good feeling I have for you. You are correct in pointing out that discrimination and hatred are the same, no matter to whom they’re directed. We could include women and children in general in there, too. Still, we had some progress in the 90s and aughts, it seemed like, and now it feels like the late 70s and the 80s for all of us who aren’t caucasian straight males. Not that there’s anything wrong with them! 😉

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    2. Hello Nan. Good morning. I think it is backlash to the gains made by different groups that diminish the power and authority of white straight Christian males. I think what we are seeing today is the roll back in all the cultural gains made by different groups after the 1950’s. That is why the regressive want our country returned to the 1950s. The 1960’s and forward seen huge gains for the people of color, gays, women, and a loss or authority / power of the Christian churches. And those regressives were not having much sucess in getting the nation’s culture clocks turned back until tRump. He gave them everything they wanted and let them have access to controlling all the different levers of government up to letting them take over the SCOTUS. What is scary is how fast the gains that took 40 and fifty years to make are now being overturned. Within one presidential term. Imagine what these people will be able to roll back and take away if they get to have a decade to do it. Rick Scott wants to go so far as remove Social Security / Medicare / Medicaid. Marge Greene said something about how she loves getting more crazy stuff out there because it changes the Overton window, what the public is willing to talk about. Hugs

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