South Carolina County Rescinds Pride Month Resolution

The Myrtle Beach Sun News reports:

Horry County Council members on Tuesday did something highly unusual. They voted to nix a not-legally-binding resolution after having voted to approve it last month. That resolution? To declare June as Pride Month.

It’s a decision that’s highlighted the long-simmering tensions between conservative Christians and the LGBTQ community.

The local LGBTQ advocacy group Grand Strand Pride was behind the resolution, organization leader Terry Livingston said, and local conservative pastors, like Rev. Mack Hutson [photo], led an effort to nix the resolution.

Read the full article. According to one council member, local Christians had planned to swarm council meetings to “raise hell” until the resolution was withdrawn.


AyJayDee • a day ago

“It’s a decision that’s highlighted the long-simmering tensions between conservative Christians and the LGBTQ community.

Actually, they want us to disappear from public view and die and are happy to use violence to make that happen, whereas all we’re doing is trying to live our lives, and we usually don’t care what crazy shit people believe as long as they leave us alone.

I swear to fucking god, mainstream media are both-sidesing this country toward fascism and genocide.

Gustav2 AyJayDee • a day ago

I don’t give a damn about Christianists, live and let live until they trample on my rights and my ability to live.

Nic Peterson • a day ago

Folks, let’s remember that we have been dealing with shit like that and much worse for the entirety of our collective existence. Christianists stepped their game up with the orange juice whore some 45 years ago and found a winning ticket but ultimately lost. Remember those that came before us, the ones that lived through the raids, lost their jobs and in some cases ultimately died, smothered by christianity Inc. We have overcome so much more than what these pathetic clowns are throwing at us. Our strength lies in our ability to stretch, change, bend but not break.

I will be drinking champagne today as I am celebrating the anniversary of my 39th year.

Yalma Cuder-Zicci Nic Peterson • a day ago

Absolutely right, Nic! It is because of that history that Republicans country-wide are going back to that well instead of engaging in any real problem solving and forward thinking.

Macbill • a day ago

The pendulum is swinging hard right.

Guestfornow Macbill • a day ago

Because a black man dared win the presidency twice

(((GC))) – End the filibuster! Guestfornow • a day ago

This. As discussed at length by Ta-Nehisi Coates in “The First White President”, Trump owes his entire political existence to racist backlash over Obama’s successful “[n-word] presidency”.…

another_steve Macbill • a day ago

No telling where all this is headed. How far it will go.

If it goes full-hard right — if, for example, the religious right takes over all branches of government — we could be looking at armed civilian combat, a second American Civil War, on the streets of America.

Bob’s Your Uncle – BYU • a day ago

the long-simmering tensions between conservative Christians and the LGBTQ community

Those tensions are a result of these people trying to takke away my rights, something I never tried to do to them. It’s not something I consider negotiable.

They can practice their religion and I don’t think that they should get forced to be changed or subject to conversion therapy or be told how to live their lives. I don’t care what they do in private or even if they want to practice their religion in public,, but they can’t force other people to live according to their beliefs. I haven’t asked them to live a gay lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “South Carolina County Rescinds Pride Month Resolution

    1. Hello Ali. I agree and you would think the right would understand that also. But they love their privilege, and they demand the right to hate and enforce their hate. But as I posted today the right now has a dedicated brown shirt contingent that are willing and able to do domestic terrorism against the LGBTQ+ to force them into the closet and out of the public view. Think about what public representation means to both the young people seeing themselves represented and to getting the public to understand we are a part of society. But by forcing us back into silence and not seen they can then deny we should have right or are normal. But the Oath Keepers, the Patriot Front, and the Proud Boys are all just the enforcement arm of the right wing. And yes that is the right wing now. They are openly supported by the Republican party elected officials. So the right wing has a gang of thugs that enforce their hate. Scary. Hugs

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