Democrat Blasts GOP For Ditching Pride Month

The right is willing to threaten violence and to follow through on that violence to stop pride events or any LGBTQ+ events from happing.   They are trying to make gay people to scared to be in public, they want to make the LGBTQ+ disappear from society which means removing us from books, movies, and from public sight.   Just the other day 31 domestic terrorist were arrested after they packed themselves in the back of a U-Haul to go to a pride day event.   This reminds me to the way racist use to gather to attack black people demonstrating for equality.   This is domestic terrorism against select groups and it is supported and endorsed by Republicans.   Hugs

MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart talks to Democrat Jeremy Moss, Michigan’s only openly gay state senator, after his Republican colleagues refused to approve the exact same Pride Month resolution that passed last year. Moss noted in his remarks to Republicans that it’s not surprising this happened during an election year.

5 thoughts on “Democrat Blasts GOP For Ditching Pride Month

  1. The antics are starting to remind me of China’s chaotic ‘Cultural Revolution’. Upheaval for its own sake and to quash any independent minds. It fooled swathes of The European Left for a few years.
    The same mindset appears to be working within sections of The American Right.

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    1. Hello Roger. The right is purging itself of anyone / groups that don’t fit in their very narrow view of who should be in charge or have power. Only straight white male Christians are worthy of having power and authority and be allowed in elected office. No others should apply. The party is becoming more violent and extreme. The thugs have taken over.

      Roger what do you think of the racist right gaining so many seats in the French elections? Is this more Russia chaos sowing? Is it a bad sign for the UE and liberalism in Europe? Hugs

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      1. There is an additional factor to bear in mind Scottie and that is the Left-Green Coalition did far better than Le Penn’s Right-wing grouping.
        French politics is its own unique mix of independent groups which coalesce around time-honoured French political views. Parties are formed and transform or fade at a pace we in the USA or UK would find puzzling, but fits the ever turbulent French approach.
        The French Right is nothing new and didn’t need any help from Russia. It has roots in French History and Tradition and is very home grown.
        What has happened is that Macron’s administration has been perceived by both sides of the political divide as remote from the ordinary folk and somewhat elitist. A not unknown fate for Centre Party governments in France.
        Across the West of Europe the Left and Right seem to be gaining traction, which again is not unusual here. (And they really do have Socialist too!…. That’s just to give MAGA folk nightmares…..😀)

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        1. Hello Roger. The left gained seats. See that is something we don’t hear in our press. The press here bemoans any win by the right as an attack on democracy, but they don’t want the US population to know there is another side instead of the centralists incuse the US people also want left wing progressive candidates. See most media is corporate owned in the US and they want corporate candidates and a corporate owned government. That way the government only works for them, the wealthy and their companies don’t have to pay anything for running the government or paying for the country. The us population has been trained not to look at the advantages other countries have so they won’t want it also. We are constantly told we are number 1, and that other countries should do everything like the US does. So yes, I did not hear about the gains of the left. What will that mean for the EU and the culture wars going on between the countries? Hugs

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          1. One thing Europe and the USA share Scottie is something of a puzzlement and incorrect assumption as to how ‘the other sides’ work.
            Time is a factor as well. Back in the 1950s and early 1960s ‘The Left’ in Europe winning big gains would have been headlines in the USA because of the ‘Red Scare’ of the USSR. These days The Extreme Right is big news whereas in those days, they were just ‘freaks’.
            It’s difficult to predict the future of Europe. A few years back it would have been Brexit focused but with the war in Ukraine, old memories from other eras are surfacing.
            Forces and opinions are shifting.
            A very grim drama is being played out which may even shade out what’s going on in the USA.
            We hope for the best and plan for the dangerous.
            Take care my good friend.

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