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  1. The tragedy of these cases is undeniable. But the average “denier” never considers them. It all happened to “someone else,”

    Something that this stood out to me was this … I explained to him that Mommy’s in heaven. Due to the proliferation of religion, this is a common phrase … and it does offer comfort since so many are brought up to believe in “heaven.” But it also made me wonder … how do the non-religious explain death to a child?

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    1. We told our kid (when he was young) that most people get old and their organs wear out, so their bodies stop and they pass away. Later, of course, he learned biology, so learned other causes for death. DH is agnostic, I believe, and we agreed before the kid came that he would choose with the option to always explore. He attended services with me, some, and we talked about things, but his belief system is pure science.

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    2. Hello Nan. I just listened to Noah Lugeons give a diatribe on going to his non-believer father-in-laws funeral where the preacher talked about heaven and being in a better place. It was hard for the people who knew the man to listen to what was said as the last words over him to be of a fiction that he had not believed in. I know how I deal with the death of those I love without gods, I remember the good of them, the good of the times I shared with them, and the knowledge they are beyond it all now. No sorrows nor fears. Nothing will harm them ever again. How to explain that and have it give comfort to a child I don’t know, never had to do it. Hugs

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      1. As I look back, I don’t recall ever having to “explain” a person’s death to my kids. I probably did, simply because it’s one of those things that happen … but I can’t remember. Of course if it was during my “church-going” years, I’m sure “heaven” would have been part of the conversation. 😣

        IMO, there are any number of things that a parent can say to help a child understand death … and referencing a magical place is definitely not one of them.

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