3 thoughts on “Judge Luttig’s Testimony With Pauses Removed

    1. Hello Keith. I listened to a lawyer describe how to treat a witness that had the testimony they needed / wanted but was not wanting to be on the record actually saying it. The lawyer said you did not want to piss of or angry the witness or they would give a worse testimony, so you walk a tightrope. The Judge in this case is a deep conservative died in the wool right winger who still understands how dangerous this situation was / is. He wants to acknowledge the truth without giving the left any more ammo to attack the right with. He is trying hard to split the baby. So he is making it hard to listen to him, choosing each word very carefully so the least damage to his reputation can remain intact. Hugs

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      1. Good point. At the end of the day, if the Republican party wants to save itself from further decay, more leaders will need to speak out against the former president’s Big Lie and seditious actions and not do what the Republican party just did in Texas and say Biden is not a legitimate president. It’s funny, parents spend so much time trying to know their children’s friends to make sure they have responsible friends. I don’t know where the MAGA parents are as they let their children play with little Donnie. And, that is not a good thing. Keith

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