4 thoughts on “Mounds of plastic waste appear off Guatemala’s shores

    1. Hello Nan. So few people realize that the health of the oceans is the start of the food chain, and the bees are the start of our food chain. The oceans are full of micro plastics, and they found them in fish, but worse and now micro plastics have been found in humans. Those are not biodegradable and are not expelled from humans as far as I know. They sit there and build up. How bad are they? Well plastics in whales and other large ocean animals show that they can stop the animals from getting nutrition from the food they eat. Thing of that, being so full of plastics you starve to death. Hugs

      OT. We have a couple outside / possible stary cats in the neighborhood. I noticed that one of them seemed to be walking funny and was possibly hit by a golf cart some time ago. Well, at the beginning of this week I stepped out of my office door and this emancipated little thing rushed up to me crying “Help me human, please help me”. After petting / touching him to make sure there was not a need for emergency medical help I went in and returned with a small bowl of dry food and a bowl of water. We fed him small amounts throughout the day, I say we because James was off that night and our security cameras recorded him often through the night sitting out on the step petting the cat we now call Tupac (so named by Ron) the same with the next couple nights. During the day I took him dry food, and Ron not wanting me to know, snuck him small amounts of wet cat food. Tupac is already showing great signs of better health and filling out a bit. That first day I thought he was on his last legs. Unlike the other stray (which we would feed but it won’t let us, Tupac has been hit by a golf cart or something so he walks funny, and his tail is hurt which together would make hunting by him for food very hard) The reason I think a golf cart is when a car goes by he is OK but when a golf cart goes by he gets very upset. Sadly we have very bad humans here who would hurt or harm small animals with their carts or worse I suspected one asshole of putting out anti-freeze to kill animals that may drink it. This was 10 years ago and I was much stronger and informed him I would be checking around his home and if I seen it out we would have a huge problem him and I. The bowl disappeared but … I am not as able to go check as I once was and it is on the other side of the park. About that time we had someone using their cart to hit squirrels on the roads, but no one ever found out who was doing it. So the days are moving until we rescue another cat … maybe. Ron is going to put feelers out to find out if anyone wants to claim the cat before we do. Going to be a bitch for a while getting Odie to accept a new cat in the house. Odie tends to shit all over the place to claim his territory. Life is just not simple for me, is it. Hugs

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      1. I very much doubt anyone will claim or want the cat. But I suppose you can always try. Sadly, not everyone (especially older people who don’t want the responsibility) wants to take on a crippled pet.

        But GOOD ON YOU GUYS for your TLC. Good luck with Odie.

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        1. Hello Nan. All but Odie and one other abused kitten, we have always taken in older cats / dogs. We wanted to give them the last best years of their lives. But Odie was only because James wanted a kitten that would love him the way Milo loved me … and sadly Odie bonded with me as well. Yes do we miss the playful young years of a pet, sure. But it is not really about us in our mind, it is about them. Before I lost the ability to walk we rescued greyhounds, and other dogs. Then we switched to cats. If people ever understood how many older cats just wait for a loving home. I broached the subject tonight with Ron about adopting Tupac, and he is OK with it (he was already wanting it) if there is no parent and it can be done without disrupting our home. Hugs

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