Florida To Become Next Hot Spot In Abortion Battle

The Washington Post reports:

In Florida, where residents in a half-dozen relatively liberal urban counties are continually locked in political duels with the conservatives who dominate much of the rest of the state, the debate over abortion rights is just getting started. IHow accessible abortion will remain in Florida could hinge on how DeSantis plays his competing political ambitions and the winds of the November election.

Some Florida antiabortion activists say they expect DeSantis, who is widely mentioned as a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2024, to push for additional restrictions or an outright ban on the procedure — a nod to his core base here and primary voters nationwide. But he could still face a competitive reelection for governor this fall in a state where he also needs to appeal to more moderate voices. DeSantis describes himself as an abortion opponent, but he rarely talks about the issue publicly.

Florida Politics reports

Calling Friday’s Supreme Court ruling ending 50 years of law under Roe v. Wade an attack on women and freedom, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist said Friday that abortion rights are on the line in the gubernatorial election.

The leading Democratic candidate in the 2022 contest restated his vow to support abortion rights and said that will be a pivotal issue in the 2022 election against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Without these protections, Governors like Ron DeSantis will try to outlaw abortion completely,” Crist said of Friday’s Supreme Court decision handed down in the landmark abortion case.


Elagabalus • a day ago

Last night Bill Maher and Homocon Andrew Sullivan were both praising DeSantis. I felt the urge to vomit.

bearLvrFL What, me worry? • 21 hours ago • edited

The obnoxious things that get the most emphasis from Maher and generates the most energy from the audience (woke-ism is bad, AOC is bad) outweigh anything helpful (let’s take a good, hard, honest look at how that intensely blue district in Texas flipped, and let’s figure out how we can get Latin/Hispanic communities back). And the unhelpful shit is right out of Republican talking points…which exposes Maher’s conceit that Maher is a neutral guy “just looking at both sides.”


And, I suppose, to be fair, the obnoxious stuff gets easier laugh than the heavy stuff. It’s *hard* to get laughs out of serious political stuff. I guess, in that regard, Maher exposes the limits to Maher’s talents. Maher is no John Stewart, George Carlin, Trevor Noah. Maher’s “wisdom” is phony.

marsmsu bearLvrFL • 16 hours ago

He’s taken a lot of Coulter’s schtick and tried to play it on his liberal/libertarian base. At this point, he’s lost the left he once was a part of.

echomanDTLA Elagabalus • 21 hours ago

Why did you watch? You know he’s going to pull this same old shit. It’s all he’s got left. Sad Rich White Man Syndrome. Fuck him.

Dark Qiviut Elagabalus • a day ago

Maher continues to out himself as what he always was: a conservative scumbag.

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ Dark Qiviut • 21 hours ago

Actually a scumbag Libertarian… But that’s a split hair from the same follicle.

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ Elagabalus • 21 hours ago

The game at play works not just with cookies…
Try the economy of Rights, also.


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