RI Cop Arrested For Assault At Abortion Rights Rally

NBC News reports:

An off-duty Rhode Island police officer who was running for state Senate was arrested on an assault charge after allegedly attacking his female opponent during an abortion rights protest Friday night.

Providence police patrolman Jeann Lugo, 35, was arrested on charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct, state police said Saturday night. Lugo turned himself in, was arraigned and released, it said.

Jennifer Rourke, who is running for the state’s 29th District, said she had finished speaking at a rally outside the state house in Providence on Friday when she was attacked by Lugo.

Read the full article.

Yesterday it was reported that Providence police have placed Lugo on paid leave. Lugo last night deleted his social media accounts.


Houndentenor • 4 hours ago

I laugh at the use of the term “alleged” when there’s video of the crime. We know he did it. The only question is whether or not there’s any accountability for violent right wingers.

Todd20036 • 3 hours ago

He felt so enabled he attacked her on camera and thought he could walk away

He might have been right if this were a southern state

And he would have been right if the cameras were off

Doug105 Todd20036 • 2 hours ago

Look how many were on camera attacking the capital and only got a slap on the wrist.

TrollopeReader • 3 hours ago

supposedly he said “i’ve never done that .. in public” …leading many FB commenters to wonder how often he did so in private.

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